It's a Geek thing, I swear!

I have been using Google's "Notebook" feature for a few weeks now and I'm wondering how I managed without it before?

Okay picture this description in your mind: a 17" monitor sitting on a desk with a corkboard behind it. On the corkboard is literally 50+ pieces of paper tacked up, the non screen portion of the monitor is covered in sticky notes and the desk is covered in sticky notes as well.

That is what my desk looked like "pre" google notes..really! I was the post it note queen! The worst part of being post it royalty...is that when you needed the bloody thing it wasn't with you. Gah...

But, now I have my handy dandy google notebook. Located at Google Notebook, it's a web based "sticky note" thingee. If you have gmail, you probably have it!

You simply install it for your browser (I have it for IE, Firefox and Opera). Then, let's say your on an amazon page and you want to remember that bit of information. You right click your mouse and say add to notebook. The notebook window opens, automatically opens a new "note" with the web page address automatically saved and you type in what you want to remember about that particular spot.

I so love it.

I have two notebooks at the moment...one that is just "Ari's notes" and the other is my "project minder". Ari's notes has three chapters at the moment...general, cooking and shopping. If I see a receipe that I like, I store it under cooking. If I see something, like a killer raincoat at LL Bean, I save it under shopping. If it's a thing like a book on sale someplace, I store it in the general section.

The best part is that it's web based...so no matter what computer I am on I can see it. Even if the "notebook" hasn't been downloaded for the browser, you still get to it via your gmail account.

I have managed to get rid of every single sticky note!!!! Everything is on my notebook. And...when I'm away from said computer connection (a rare event that does happen...since I can access it via my cell phone), I can easily print it out for my planner.

Have I said how much I love google lately?

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Exactly what have I done today?

Hmm well, I emptied the dishwasher. I've knitted a bit, taken three naps and taken out some steak for dinner tonight.

Think that about sums it up. I have no idea what is wrong with me today, but I just can't wake up for anything, it seems. I'm just sleepy as can be.

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The days just speed by....

The season premiere of Bones is tonight! Whoo Hoo! I adore that show. It just rocks...and I've missed it over the summer. Yay...

It's been a lovely cloudy day here in PDX...not too hot, not too chilly, just perfect. Cloudy so that you can open the blinds and have a lovely filtered light...not that blinding stuff. Cool enough not to have the windows open or have to have them open. All in all, a perfect day, let me tell you.

Wow, I have nothing to talk about...how fun is that? I think I will go knit a bit.

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Is it really almost noon?

Geez, I've gotten nothing done except have a nice cup of blackberry tea and a couple of bisquits. Sigh, I start the day with such good intentions, but then get distracted with by my computer. I seriously have to get up and get moving.

I was going to reward myself with a "stuff pack" for my Sims game. Hmm, I can still reward myself if I get only a few things done? Right? Hahahahahahaha I will do tricks for computer games, I so need therapy.

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Can't sleep, so I think I'll knit

There is nothing like being up at 4am and not being able to sleep. That is when your handy dandy knitting project comes in handy. You can pop in a movie and just knit away till your sleepy.

I have no idea why I can't sleep, I just couldn't. I woke up about 3:00am and laid there forever, it seemed. I hate that..you lay there staring at nothing, willing yourself to go to sleep..and to no avail. Gah. I finally decided to just bite the bullet and get the heck up. I always have knitting or blogs or something that I can occupy my time with.

Today is Wednesday and the "adopted" parents will be here on Saturday. Yep, T's parents are visiting this weekend and I'm super excited about it. We are going to do the traditional BBQ, then go to the ocean for a day and do some shopping. All good fun.

I love her parents, they are the most wonderful people you could ever want to meet. Her mother has done more for me than my own ever did.

Meanwhile, in an attemp to create more room in our house, I will tackle yet more boxes. You really have to be tired of hearing about my bloody boxes by now. Slowly, but surely, they are disappearing from the house. It's just taking forever, it seems.

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What do you know? I can cook.

Dinner tonight was totally yummy. Pork loin chops done on the grill, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, beans and bisquits. Oh yeah, I did all that! LOL! I even amazed myself, Lani would be so proud of me! Hehehehe

We moved some stuff around today and guess what? I found four boxes of food that had been packed. It's a plus, because I won't have to get a lot of canned goods at the grocery, but where the hell am I going to put it all? Hehehehe

I still haven't found my beloved mixer, but I did find the baker's rack, which I plan to assemble tomorrow. That will clear the microwave off the counter so we will have more counter space and then clear up some room for the toaster over and the coffee pot and some other small stuff. I'm going to have to get some extra shelves just to hold kitchen stuff. I, do admit, I have some serious kitchen stuff. I need to rearrange the shelf unit I have assembled and get it more organized. My kitchen has run over into our dining area.

I kind of like having the dining room full of kitchen stuff....it makes it more homey and "lived in". I've never been one to like a "formal" dining area. I kind of like the "family style" of dining, you know, surrounded by food and stuff.

One of my fave shows Eurekea is on tonight. It's on the scifi channel, which makes me nervous because lately, they have only been running shows for a season or so and then getting rid of them. Sniffle.

I lost Farscape, Firefly, and now Stargate-SG1....I just want to go crawl in a hole and avoid that channel altogether. But I can't, I'm addicted. What gets me, they will cancel Stargate-SG1 but will have a stupid reality show on? Gah.....

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Yes, the Goddess does listen, really she does

Imagine my surprise to awake this morning to clouds, chilly weather and rain?  Oh yes, it's a lovely day in the neighborhood.  I love this weather, it rocks.  I'm feeling quite inspired today to moving things around and actually cook dinner.  We are going to have pork loin chops and whatever veggies I can round up.  Yummy.

I only hope that it holds?  We have not had rain since June!!!  Yes, June!  I love the rain and grey and chilly stuff, that's why I moved to Portland, Oregon?  Hello, if I had wanted endless blue skies and endless sunshine, I would have stayed where I was.

As for the rest of the afternoon, I'm going to move some boxes, put some shelves together and just have a good old time of it.  I might even bake a carrot cake.

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Oy...thank goodness today is over.

I found the cutest seat covers for the car today. I have been looking for seatcovers since I got her...these were totally perfect for a silver car with a black interior. I love Amy Brown's faeries...and these were just perfect.

It was horribly hot here today. I did get some errands run, but geez, I was miserable. T unpacked some of pictures today...some of which I have not seen since Norfolk! Wow.

Tomorrow, it promises to be much cooler. Yay. I'll see if I can get through another couple of boxes, or at least get them rearranged to get them out of the way.

I'm still knitting on the sock, I've made it around the heel and am working on the gusset..yay!

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Um, oh yeah, it's Monday

I'm not feeling the "rise and shine" part of getting up yet.  I actually got up earlier than usual because I'm trying to transition myself to the schedule I will have at school.  It sucks, let me tell you.

What in the hell do people do this early?  I've read the paper, checked my email and am having my tea.  After that...I guess I could go take a nap? LOL. 

There are always boxes to be messed with, that's for sure.  Blech.  Oh...shopping..hehehehe...I do have errands to run this morning. Or at least at 10, that is when I had them scheduled.

As for now, I think I will go read blogs and see what everyone is up to?

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Just roll me over to the couch, please

I'm so stuffed that my stomach actually hurts. We went to Outback for dinner (it was too darned hot to cook this evening). I had my usual, a 9 oz. center cut steak, medium well, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and a caesar salad with a diet coke. And as usual, I'm stuffed to the gills. I usually take 1/2 and put it in a doggie bag, but tonight, I just made a proverbial pig of myself and ate the whole thing.

Now, I regret it!

At least it's cooled off a bit, so you can actually be comfortable here. I will be so glad when fall gets here finally, I really miss the rain. I even have a new umbrella (I lost my old one. I had had it since 2000 and I really am sad I lost it. Sniffle). The new and improved brelly is black with colored polka dots on it. Once it is displayed in all it's glory, I'll snap a pic of it. It's really quite the fashionable brelly.

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Hmmm, is bigamy legal in Oregon?

If it is, I'm marrying my Dyson! I have the purple one...the one specifically for people with pets. He cost an outrageous amount of money (at least by my standards). I paid a whopping 500.00 for him. That is the most I have ever spent on a vacumn (or a hoover as I refer to every vacumn on the planet). After going through three of them in three years, I was getting desperate. We figured that we had paid that much out over the three years for hoovers (generic term, remember).

I finally broke down, saved up and bought the purple beast. He promptly rode home in the backseat (since I figured his nuts and bolts were made of gold, he was NOT riding in the back of the truck!). Once we arrived at home, the box was opened and all the stuff came out. He is one gorgeous boy, that's for sure. I would love him even if he wasn't purple.

Being that we lived on one level, I never fully appreciated the efforts he will go to assist me in my fight against dust bunnies, dust mites and the never ending appearance of what can only be termed mystery spots. (I swear, they appear out of nowhere...we literally don't wear shoes on the carpeting and they still pop up?).

Today, my beloved and I tackled the carpets, blinds, stairs and furniture. I had forgotten how easily he moves, quite the nimble fellow. Once the upstairs was done, it was down the stairs to the main room (the pit from hell as it is referred to at the moment). He tackled it without a second glance. I even broke out his Zorb!

Zorb is the carpet cleaning product that Dyson sells to go with my beloved. Good Goddess...does that stuff work! Zowie for Zorb! Not only does it work well, it has the nicest of smells...a very good thing in a house with both a dog and a cat! You sprinkle it down, run the "groomer" over it...which basically scrubs it into your carpeting, wait 30 minutes and hoover it up. Man, I'm in love.

After flitting about with the beloved and his Zorb...it was to the stairs. Now, you have to fully understand, I HATE STAIRS! The only reason I have them is that this was one of the few places I could afford that would take Ms. Maggie. I had no choice, although a tent in the park was starting to look rather inviting. So, stairs, we have (two sets actually!).

The beloved has a telescoping handle...that...get this....REACHES TO THE VERY TOP OF THE STAIRS!..Yep, he has a far reach and hoovers just as if he were on ground level. I popped on the handy dandy "stairs" thingee and in five minutes, we were done.

Ten minutes later, he had tackled the downstairs blinds and the furniture. All without so much as a quiver, a blink or a protest.

After a mere 30 minutes (okay it was more like 37 minutes), I had hoovered the entire house, blinds, carpets, stairs and furniture and had not even really broken a sweat (and that is in 90 degree weather).

You know, if I ever have the opportunity to meet James Dyson (my beloved's father), I swear I will break down in tears and kiss that man's feet!

Oh...and the best part about the beloved.....he doesn't set off my allergies. Yep, my boy is hypo-allergenic. He doesn't have bags, you push a button and the lint/trash/whatever falls out the bottom into the trash bin.

Now, if only the husband would work as well? Muahahahahahaha

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Sometimes, I wonder?

I know that Maggie is not the smartest crayon in the box, but she's not the dumbest either.

For some reason, unbeknownst to man, she decided that in 90 degree heat, she needed to be squeezed between a recliner an ottoman and have a pillow from the sofa on her head?

I really shudder to think what was going through that brain of hers? sigh...when you have a dog, you have an endless supply of humor on hand.

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The joys of sock knitting....

I had forgotten how much fun knitting a sock can be? It's been awhile since I started a sock and had sort of pushed the sock aside for a bit. I've totally enjoyed knitting it and watching the stripes appear.

Let's not even venture to the almost instant gratification that knitting on a sock brings. You can see instant results and you actually feel like your getting someplace.

I'm knitting the sock in what I think is Mode Dea striped sock yarn? Not sure, It's kind of unmarked and wound into a center pull ball. I know there is a ball that matches it someplace around here (i hope?). If not, it will be a lone sock.

I do have to go find the pattern that I started with, I think I know where it is? The sock was actually started in Idaho and has now taken up residence in Oregon...the instructions are someplace around here, I know?

I would like to get a few extra pairs of sock needles, that way I could have a couple of pair on the needles. I should really look into that knitting two socks at once thing...people who use that method swear by it.

Anyway, that is the "sock". I have a friend who lives in Chicago, named Jodi. We have somewhat drifted apart over the years, but everytime I pick up a set of knitting needles, I think of her. She started the whole knitting thing for me due to a "sock" she was knitting. I, definitely, smile everytime I knit a sock. I dont' think she even realizes how inspiring she was. And it wasn't even that she was able to knit in the heat and humidity of Florida, either!

**Update on the sock yarn: yes, it's Mode Dea, Sassy Stripes in Crayon! I had to walk over to Micheal's to figure out what the heck I was knitting out of! Gah...I swear.

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How much is a plane ticket for a puppy?

Carrie over at the The Craft Schmoo has a puppy up for adoption. I swear, if I knew how to get ahold of her, I would adopt that little guy. He has Mr. Bear's "look", even though he is about 1/3 the size of Mr. Bear and will never be a "medium-large" dog, I have fallen in love with him. It's the look, I swear.


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Oh look, it's the ever changing blog.

yes, I was bored once again with my blog. I can't help it, a design lasts about as long as a piece of gum with me. Once the flavor is gone, out it goes!

I actually like this one though...I might stick with it for a week or so? LOL!I think I might give a go a designing one from scratch? I would love to have a 3 column again. I love a 3 column because I have so much junk I like to keep on my blog.

I knitted about two inches on my sock cuff last night while watching tv. I think that is why I dont' knit so fast...I rarely watch television! When I lived in Podunk, all there was to do was watch tv...so I knitted everytime I sat in front of the tv. Here, I rarely sit and just watch tv. I'm always doing something or am on the computer. About the only time I'm just sitting is when I'm on the bus. (At least come the end of September, I'm going to have tons of time for knitting! LOL!)

So far today, I ran by Costco, got petrol for the car, had lunch out (90 degree weather does not lend to actually cooking), and took the dog out.

I finally broke down and picked up a copy of "Marley & Me", by John Grogan. It's about the "world's worst puppy", a yellow labrador. Since I thought I had the world's worst dog, I have been wanting to read this. I finally broke down and got it (hey, it was on sale). I'm looking forward to reading it. I'll probably switch between it and another read that I'm working on "Origins", a physics approach to how the universe and we as a whole came about. It's really rather interesting, I love the whole physics thing about it. On the "trashy romance" side, I just finished "How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire"..which was a total hoot and had me laughing through it. I love those novels because they usually have a happy ending...something the world is sorely lacking in these days.

I have to run a couple of errands and then I think I'm going to settle in with a movie and knit on my sock...it's been so long since I knitted a sock, I have to go dig the pattern out for it? It's on a computer around here someplace, I know it.

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Friday night, wow, so exciting....

P and I went out to dinner at the Macaroni Grill. He had the chicken portabello and I had the Honey Balsamic Chicken. As usual, it was delicious.

Nothing exciting going on here, I'm knitting on a sock, needed a break from the green sweater and the waterfall shawl. I get nothing knitted because I keep going through three projects. Hehehehe...I get bored easily, what can I say?

Oh well, I'm off to watch Stargate and Atlantis.

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Where did the morning go??

Geez, where did the morning go?  Oh yeah, it was spent trying to dig through crap in my bedroom!  Silly me!  I did manage to find my sewing machine and make a spot for me to sew.  Now, to just find all my "sewing stuff"? Hahaha  I know I have stuff someplace...probably in storage?  Might have to drive over there and dig through it all and see if I can find my fabric bins..they aren't hard to miss..they are big, blue and plastic.

I also unearthed my other laptop.  I have to clean if off and get it hooked up for P to use, if he wants it?  I have to find out, he has his pc so I'm not sure if he wants a laptop or not?

I also managed to create a "storage nook" in my bedroom for some extra boxes that I have no idea what to do with?  It's cleverly disguised behind a curtain! LOL!  I even found a spot for our fan that is not in the main pathway.  Whoo Hoo!  Plus, you can still get into the closets as well.  Always a plus, let me tell you.

I did remember to take out something of the carnivorous nature for dinner.  I think I'm going to make meatballs tonight?  I'll have to call Lani and find out what goes in them?  She always knows everything that has to do with cooking.  Lani is the best resource a cook could have.

I also need to make some phone calls this afternoon.  I haven't chatted with my buddy Salem in a bit and need to get caught up with her as well.  Her computer died so she is "offline" for a bit.

I was going to the gym this morning, but got sidetracked with the bedroom thing.  It's starting to warm up a bit, so any more "box moving" may be put off till it cools down again next week.  I would like to get the dining room in some sort of order so that we could move around better in there.

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it's a lovely day in the neighborhood......

It's not hot, it's not sunny, it's cloudy and chilly, just my kind of weather! So far today, I've burned a DVD, checked my email and am getting ready to go the gym and hit the treadmill.

It's been three weeks since I've been to the gym, the trip down the stairs sprained and bruised a few parts that have been slow on the mend. But, it's back on track today. I really need to because in a mere four weeks, I'm going to be schelping up and down hills with a pack on my back.

After that, I have some laundry to do and a bit of rearranging of boxes to do. I would like to be able to sew, it would be a fun thing, you know?

Other than that..not much else going on here in the 'burbs. Yes, I officially live in the bloody 'burbs, even the map says so. I could cry. The things we do for our pets.

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I may need oxygen

Apparently, there was excitement at the doggie park tonight. It was a case of not being pissed off but being pissed on. Muahahahahaha...wait, I have tears in my eyes.

Okay, here's what happened. P takes Maggie to the dog park each evening. It's a nice park with lots of dogs and people. Maggie loves to chase her squeaker ball and has quite alot of room to do so there.

Tonight, P was sitting there (they have lovely benches and picnic tables there) talking to some people when he felt a wetness on his leg. He looked down to find a dog had lifted it's leg and was peeing on him!

Why this happened, I have no idea? Perhaps the dog was "marking" and he figured that P was prime territory? Either way, P is not a happy camper about it! LOL! Naturally, the owner was nowhere to be found.

P is currently in the shower! Me, I may have to break out the asthma inhaler as this is just too damned funny. Sigh, only my husband could go to a doggie park and get pee'd on ! Muahahahahahaha

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Light Rail, for me?

I was perusing the Portland Transit Site and found out that they actually have four or five major projects in the works. Wow! I also found out that PDX back in 1986 was the "light rail model" for the entire United States. And...(imagine this), we have the second busiest light rail system in the country, second only to San Francisco? Who knew? Wow.

I so love public transportation. I love my car, don't get me wrong, I just love not having to sit in traffic or if I am sitting...I love not to be the driver! I like the being able to read or the try to knit thing.

Ack, I just remembered, I didn't take anything out for dinner...damn, damn, double damn.!!!!! F*^$...gah.....

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Could it not be a bit easier?

You would think a store that sells a certain size laptop would actually stock a backpack that would fit it? Sheesh! I finally found one that will hold my new baby!

Not only will it hold my new baby, but also the textbooks that will be needed for the classes that day. Whew, what a relief. Last term, I had to schelp a shit load of books everyday. My mathbooks usually run about 5 to 8 lbs each, plus a laptop, and "stuff".

It's amazing how much "stuff" you need for school. My current list is:

  • laptop

  • power cable

  • textbooks(2 on one day, 1 on the other)

  • notebooks(2 on one day, 1 on the other)

  • pen(2)

  • pencil

  • pencil lead refills

  • eraser

  • highlighters(4)

  • sticky notes

  • calculator

  • stapler

  • sharpie marker

  • wallet

  • keys

  • cell phone

  • ipod/ear buds

  • lunch

  • planner

  • umbrella

  • knitting project (probably a sock most times!)

  • trust me, after schelping around four or five blocks uphill, that pack will start to weigh about 50 lbs! Gah! It's exactly three blocks uphill and then a left turn and up four block uphill to my first class from the bus stop. I keep thinking it's just exercise and it will do me good! Hehehehe

    With the acquisition of the backpack, all I need is the Italian book and I will have everything I need for the beginning of school. Yay! Next term I'm going to get slammed with a huge book list, I just know it. Sigh..oh well, I keep thinking of the paycheck the degree will bring and how much I missed school over the summer.

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    What a day!

    It's official, I'm a college student again! Yippee! And I got a job today, yay! I'll be working for the college which is cool because it's totally insync with my schedule. Yippee! Wanna see my schedule?

    I'm so excited that I can't stand it. I've so missed school. I felt like I had failed miserably and I hate to fail at anything. So now, I have a second chance to get it done right. This time, nothing is going to make me quit before the end of the semester.

    It's just been one hectic day, I spent all day downtown so I'm exhausted. The bus going downtown was late and coming home it was late as well. I need to get the "transit tracker" number so that I can tell when it's going to be late and when it's not. It sucks to sit for an hour at a bus stop waiting on a bus. What is worse is that three scheduled buses never showed up this morning. Gah.... I'm seriously considering driving myself, except I think I will be getting off at 5pm and traffic would be a huge snarl. I would rather have the 30 minutes or whatever to study on the bus, rather than drive.

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    Happy Birthday, Blogger

    Happy Birthday, Blogger". Yep, Blogger is seven years old today! Go check out the article, it's even got a screen shot of the first blogger..ooh..baby...such a great page! LOL!

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    Damn, but life is good!

    Let's see, I'm in line to get registered after 3pm today. I probably have a job that pays 12.50 an hour, and I have a bus pass and a parking permit reserved for fall.

    Not bad for two hours of work, huh? Muahahahaha...Damn, but I'm good!

    All joking aside, it's been a hectic morning. I've been in two offices, three buildings and am now at the library. I'm taking a math class, Italian and a computer science class. Only three of them, but I need the hours for working. I'll have a parking pass so I can come back downtown at night to work in the labs and such if I need to. I'm going to try and telecommute and see if that works, if not, I'll be in the labs all night again. Now that I can park at the lab, it won't be so bad.

    The job will be in admissions doing paperwork and such. Heck, the minute I said I knew access and could type 84 words a minute, they said your hired, I just need to send them my resume via email this evening. I'm kind of excited. I hate office work, but let's face, I'm good at it? Sigh...but at least it will keep a roof over my head and keep the car payment and insurance paid.

    I'm so glad to be back at school, geez, how I missed it. I think even after I graduate, I'll still take classes and go for the Master's Degree. I love the learning experience, bottom line. Can't help it, I'm a Geek! Hehehehe

    I have another meeting at 2-3pm and then I will be done for the day. I forgot my bloody phone at home, so I can't call P and give him the good news. Now, to twiddle my thumbs until 9/26 which is when school starts (which is a Tuesday-who can figure universities?).

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    Downtown Portland..it's not everyone's cup of tea, you know.

    Just got back from PSU, where I ran around the campus going from office to office. And I have to go back for 10am in the morning. No worries, the #96 bus runs straight to the campus from my front door (it rocks).

    Unlike Lani, I knew not to try and drive downtown! There is no parking down there. Me, I took the train/streetcar in and the bus back. Hehehehe, having lived downtown, I'm savy to the rules of PDX! Hehehehe...I do feel sorry for them though, High School registration sucks wind! But, hey, Tae and I will be going to school only a few blocks away from each other, kind of cool.

    I was digging through a box today and found a shawl I had started but shoved aside (yes, another shoved aside project). I think I might finish it this time around. It's getting to be that time of year,you know.

    Tonight, we are having beef stroganoff for dinner. I'm quite amazed at myself, I've managed to make dinner almost every night since we moved in? Yay, me! After not cooking for seven months, it's a slow process getting back into the swing of things, but I'm managing.

    I think in another couple of weeks, the house might be in some sembalance of order? I'm trying, it's just had to put stuff away when there is no "away" to put it in? I need to invest in some more shelves for the dining room, I can clearly see that.

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    You know, some times technology amazes me....

    I watched a movie on my laptop tonight and it's actually better than any tv we own. My laptop is a widescreen so I get the entire movie effect on it, plus, the quality is way better than even the tv. Totally amazing that the laptop is a better dvd player than the tv is.

    I love living in these times, it's soo cool!

    Oh,what did I watch? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...I love that movie, Newman and Redford were at their best in it. They have always been a great pair on the screen

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    Such fun on a Sunday....

    I swear, the excitment around here..oh my. Would you believe that P is actually watching a pre-season football game that he recorded on Tivo? I just can't believe it....I thought I had pretty much seen it all, but nope, he's watching a game that was Tivo'd.

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    The Desk

    Desk 1 and Desk 2

    My desk is somewhat together and now I can show "where I blog from". I'm having horrible issues with getting images to go onto blogs today. Hence the "link" thing. Hey, it's better than nothing right?

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    When the tough get hot, we go to the pool!

    The Pool! If you click on the link you will see our pool! My images are not showing up on any blog today, so I'm going to do the link thing! I'll figure it out later on.

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    One pooped witch

    I'm bloody exhausted and I have no idea why? Well, I kinda of have an idea...could it be that I've stopped eating correctly? Between the skipping meals again and the heat, I'm just bloody exhausted.

    I really have to get back on the eating track and start taking my vitamins. I also have to start going to the gym again. Since I tripped down the stairs, I've not been to the gym. I figured I needed to give my knees a chance to recuperate? Well, I think that time has come. Since tomorrow is Sunday, I'm thinking Monday will be a good day to start..unless I get inspired tomorrow.

    I loved going to the gym, and I'm sure once I get back into it, I will love it the same as I did. I miss zoning out on the treadmill and the bike. I just hope my legs and knees will hold up. They are both still kind of tender, but hey, I can't wait forever.

    Plus, I have to get back to eating breakfast again and lunch and snacks. I was doing really well until we moved. I've noticed that if I start a routine that involves meals and exercising, that if that routine is altered it takes me forever to get back on track. But back on track I will go.

    I'm tired and I have to go move some boxes so I can hit the bed after a shower. I might go upstairs and sit outside and read a bit. The upstairs balcony is always rather cool, so I think Maggie and I will adjourn to the upstairs to read a book. Sounds like a plan.

    Posted by Ariadne @ 22:02 :: (0) comments

    Peaceful Saturday

    I managed to locate one of the digital cameras! I've got the batteries charging right now so I'll be able to use it shortly.

    Not sure if I want to broadcast pictures of the house just yet, as it's still a huge mess here, but I'll be able to take pictures at the doggie park now at least.

    P and I dropped by L's in order to lend her a monitor till she gets a new one. Naturally, we took Maggie with us. She loves the girls and L and L.

    We have been making plans for "football" season. We have NFL ticket and a big tv, so sundays will probably be at our house? When you can watch any football game on a Sunday, why not? I'm sure we can keep the girls occupied, Lani and I have a Michael's within walking distance and a library. In fact, the girls could probably get library cards at my local library? I'll have to check into that and see. That way they could use this one and just do their book returns and checkouts on Sundays?

    I've also found out that the "noisey" neighbors are going to put their notice in and will be moving...oh pure joy! Whoo Hoo! Love it, absolutely love it!

    At the moment, I've got pork chops on the grill, so I must go check them.

    Posted by Ariadne @ 19:13 :: (0) comments


    Imagine my surprise???

    To find out that today is actually Wednesday? All day, I have been thinking it was Monday? Nuts, where did I put the actual Monday and Tuesday? Sigh, I hate when I misplace days, gah.

    Since today is Wednesday, that means I have the command picnic in two days. Sigh...here I thought I had four days. I really need to start looking at a calendar or something.

    Dinner tonight was a very yummy grilled chicken breast with a creamy pesto with pasta shells. A treat to the tastebuds while not being detrimental to the posterior. I realize that mentioning the word yummy with the mere thought of something being healthy and not overly fattening is a crime of nature, but I had to go there. Hee hee

    I'm really loving the fact that my desk is actually set up and I can use my desktop. I've been getting caught up with the geeksters and have had lots of toys sent my way. I could have played on the laptop, but I try to keep that slimmed down on extra programs.

    Took Ms. Maggie out a few times today, so that she could walk around and sniff the weeds. She didn't seem interested in doing much more than that. I think it was too chilly for her out today. At the moment, she is laying on my feet, snoring. I should try to capture that noise on audio, you haven't lived until you have heard a 120lb labrador snore. It can be the highlight of your evening, trust me!

    I think I'm going to put the crochet blanket aside and knit on my cardi tonight. I'm thinking I might like to listen to a book or maybe watch a movie? Not sure. I do feel the urge to knit though. I love the crocheting, but I'm missing my knitting needles, sniffle. I think they think I have abandoned them or something?

    Posted by Ariadne @ 18:25 :: (0) comments

    YouTube anyone?

    Just for you lani!

    Posted by Ariadne @ 09:45 :: (1) comments

    Process, it's a lovely thing!

    I'm officially back on my desktop! Whoo Hoo! I love my laptop, but man, do I miss my mouse! LOL!

    I had a bit of a problem configuring the wireless access this am on the desktop, but I perservered and managed to get it connected. It did involve dropping my secure network for about two minutes (which I hated doing). Nothing drastic happened though. All is still secure now.

    I had to laugh though. At the dorms, if you scanned for "available wireless networks" a list of about 20 to 30 would pop up. Here, I'm the only one! Muahahahahaha I bet we are the only house that has five computers in it! Muahahaha...I swear, sometimes I wonder about us?

    Today is laundry day(blech)-or at least one load of laundry. Which I should run down and pop into the washer so that it will be finished by lunch time. Can't spend all my day doing laundry now can I?

    Why, you ask? Because I'm headed over to Lani's this afternoon for a bit of fiber fun! And I wanted her to be able to peruse "The Happy Hooker" book as well.

    I'm going to get the shelves put together for my desk probably tonight, then I can start going through all the boxes marked "office". When the movers cleaned out the den...they literally labeled everything "office". So it might say office, but it's probably den. Mainly, I just want to find my damned digital cameras. The house is together enough that I'm not too ashamed to show pictures to everyone.

    Posted by Ariadne @ 08:23 :: (0) comments


    Danger Will Robinson

    Having a Costco a mere three miles or so from my house! Yipes! I pretty much did grocery shopping to last us until the 15th of next month! We will still need to pick up a few odds and ends here and there, but we are pretty much set on meat and staples. Whoo Hoo!

    The best buy of the day-- 36 packs of Diet Pepsi for 6.50! Yes, that's right, a mere 6.50. Usually a 24 pack is 7.99 or so, so we were thrilled and needless to say, the mini fridge is completely stocked with a 36 pack to spare.

    It's' been awhile since I was at a Costco. The nearest one to us in Podunk was about 60 miles away and a hassle to get to and from. I had pretty much given up on Costco. I had forgotten that the Pacific Northwest is "Costco Country", LOL!

    It's an easy on the highway and off the highway for me, so I'll be shopping there more often. yay!

    So, let's see, a neighborhood update? A costco, that is only three miles away, a yarn supplier that is within walking distance and a library within a block? Not to shabby, if I do so myself. I love where I live. Even if it's a bit cramped at the moment.

    I really need to get my desk moved so that I can set it up. I sort of need some files that are on my desktop. Rats, I guess I can't put it off much longer. Oh well, it won't be that bad, I guess, it's just an involved process - tons of "knick knacks" that have to be moved and some boxes. Again with the boxes. I swear, if I live to be a hundred it will be too soon to see cardboard again! Blech.

    Posted by Ariadne @ 13:36 :: (0) comments

    One day closer to finding the cameras!

    I think today I'm going to finally set up my desk? We have to switch a couple of things around in order for that to happen,but I think today is the day. Once my desk is set up, I can start digging in the "office" boxes and sorting and maybe I will find the bloody cameas? I only have two of them, hello?

    Let's see, yesterday I yakked with Lani for a while, which is always fun. Then I got another three bins of yarn stuffed under the bed in their handy dandy space bags. I knitted a bit on the crocheted blanket I am making, cleaned out my dresser and got most of my clothes stored away. I'm down to emptying one suitcase, a box and a bag of clothes. I think I'm going to have to visit Goodwill this week sometime. I know there is one on the way back from Lani's house.

    It was too hot to cook last night, so we had a quickie meal from a fast food place. I know, it was cheating, but if you had been in my kitchen, you would have understood.

    Today, it's the desk arrange, take out some trash and run by Lani's (I hope?). It's nice that it's so easy to get to her house from here. It's not such a schlep and it's way easier to get to from where I was.

    I think I'm going to go work on my blanket a bit before everyone gets up and we have to start moving around. Oh yeah, I need to go grocery shopping today as well. Must make a list up.

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    Tis the Season, after all....

    You can tell fall is fast approaching. Not by the slight chill to the morning air, nor the slight turning of leaves on a few trees, but by the sound of "Let's play football" and "Gentlemen, start your engines".

    Yes, the 24-hour a day sports season is upon us. Sundays will vibrate with the sounds of boys playing in very loud cars and the sounds of men cheering their favorite teams as they chase a small leather ball across the grass.

    I think I now know why fall is always the most "arts and crafts" season of the year. Most wives are left to their own devices and no control over the remote on the tv.

    One of the greatest memories of my life was being able to watch the romance channel all day on Super Bowl Sunday. I struck a blow for women all over the country that day! Muahahahahaha

    Don't get me wrong, I like football, just not on a 8:00am till Midnight schedule on Sundays and then 8 till midnight on Mondays. I can take an occasional game here and there, it's just the "holy grail" of my life. I much prefer movies and the history channel.

    Sports are fun to watch, provided you are actually there.. Somehow, the total excitement of it all loses something when broadcast through a tv. You don't get the sounds and excitement from the stands when your at home. Besides, I can't stand the major American Football announcer, he drives me batty.

    Luckily, we have three tv's, three dvd players and an upstairs now. I can go do my own thing elsewhere and not be bothered with it all. Overall, it's a good thing.

    Understand, of course, that none of the above applies to European Football.

    As for today, I'm going to hang out upstairs and knit and crochet and I might watch a movie or two. I do have to walk over to the library and pick up some reserved books that are waiting for me. Tonight, I think I'm going to grill some pork chops and do au grain potatoes. Yep, I think that will take care of the day nicely.

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    Such a fun day!

    We ended up going to the Bite of Oregon with Lani and Les. We had a killer time of it! There was so much food to be eaten. Yes, I actually ate a good selection of things! Gah, when I think about it, I get nauseous, LOL!

    We took the city bus down to the park which was the best idea lani has ever had. No worrying about parking and traffic. We parked at their house and just rode down on the bus, it was fabulous.

    We heard some great bands:Courtney Jones,The Brian Copeland Band, Sweet Juice and Harmonica Pocket the first three were totally fabulous, the last one, gah...that woman could have put me to sleep. In fact, we left because we just couldn't take the slow beat anymore.

    We left about 3;30 or so, it was getting a bit warm and starting to crowd out, so we beat a hasty retreat. I was full, warm and ready for a nap! Hahahahaha

    I kind of miss living downtown, though. It was nice to be back downtown and see the sights and such. It sucks having to schlep back to the 'burbs, but hey, you do what you have to do for your babies (meaning Maggie and Ford).

    Lani and I knitted most of the day while listening to music. Yes, I drug my knitting with me (like I can leave the house without it????). We enjoyed sitting and running our mouths and knitting. As usual it was good fun.

    I think the best part of the day, we actually did "couple stuff". It's been ages since P and I had another "couple" to pal around with. It was very much like old times when we had lots of "couples" for friends. Sigh, I miss those days, I tell you. It's very nice to have L and L here in Pdx. I see alot of family get togethers in the future, hehehehe

    I've also decided to learn to crochet better. I know how to do a single crochet and can make stuff like that. I want to refine my crochet technique and make other stuff as well. I got a magazine "Crochet today" and it's gots lots of "beginner" stuff in it. Yeah, that' s me, beginner! Hehehehe

    I'm pooped now and I think I'm going to sign off and go to bed. I have some pictures but will have to get them up tomorrow, I'm too tired to mess with them right now.

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    And the Winner Is:

    The Tualatin Crawfish Festival! We had planned on going downtown to the Bite of Oregon, but that fell through, so we are off to the Crawfish festival. It's within walking distance to our house and we can take Maggie with us. No driving or commuting, so that's a plus.

    I also have to do something with our bedroom. At the moment, I look like the annex of "U Move and Store It". There are boxes everywhere. Somehow everything always gets stuffed on my side of the room or in front of my closet. Even if it's not mine, I'm supposed to deal with it. Blech....it sucks.

    Oh well, I should get moving, I need to get dressed and get going.

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    Oh, the sheer joy of it all!

    "Beginning construction of the 14.7-mile Washington County Commuter Rail project. The line will use existing freight tracks to add transit service in the heavily traveled I-5/Hwy 217 corridor. This suburban commuter rail line will connect to MAX in Beaverton and also serve the cities of Tigard, Tualatin and Wilsonville. "

    That folks, is the greatest announcement known to mankind!!! They are going to extend Portland light rail transit to my area!!!!!!!!!! I may faint, I swear.

    As it stands, it takes an hour for me to get to school by bus. If the train is here, that will be cut almost in half! I'm so excited No more fighting for parking downtown! Gah, be still my heart!

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    A Me-Me, oh i think I will!

    This one caught my eye for some reason:

    5 Things In My Refrigerator:
    fat free milk
    1% milk
    honey mustard
    mandarin oranges

    5 Things In My Closet:
    18 pairs of shoes
    .22 pistol w/ammunition
    3 cloaks
    2 ritual dresses
    tons of tops and sarongs

    5 Things In My Purse:
    cell phone
    makeup bag

    5 Things In My Car:
    Four dollars in change
    a sheet to cover the back seat for Maggie
    portable dog bowl
    a sweater
    two bookcases

    5 Thing On My Desk:
    desktop computer
    five boxes
    empty wireless card box

    5 People Tagged:
    You know who you are, so go for it!

    Geez, my life is boring...nothing exciting on any of those. I'm losing my touch! Muahahahaha

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    Lovely Day

    Let's see, I went to the library and picked up a few books. Our local library has a cool deal. You can "check out" a canvas bag to carry your books in. You simply turn in the bag when you turn in your books. It sort of saves you have the carry your own bag. I got several thrillers: "The Devil's Code", "The First Billlion", "The Grail Conspiracy", and a couple of others that I can't remember off hand.

    I also checked out the Micheal's (a huge craft store), that literally is on the other side of the fence from the front of my apartment. Yes, they have a lovely yarn selection! Whoo hoo..yarn within walking distance? Say it isn't so? Muahahahaha

    Tonight, I made a chicken dish. I cooked some cut up chicken breast with about four different seasonings, then made a pesto and linquine dish. Tossed them together and talk about yummy!! Tomorrow night is "beer can" chicken. I might pick up some potatoes and make potato packets with olive oil and seasonings to go with it?

    I hung out at the pool for a bit, it makes for a nice reading area. And I arrange our balconies so that you can actually go out on them and relax, they also make for nice areas to relax on.

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    Decisions, decisions, decisions..

    My beloved regular blog is back up and running! Budget cuts had forced me to close it down, but my oh so wonderful friend, U, offered to host it for me! Goddess, I love her.

    So, here I sit with two blogs!Hahahaha...some have none, I have two. Everyone knows my other one while very few know this one. I'll probably go back to my regular spot, I love that blog! I'll post a note on the final decision.

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    MS Office? Not for Me!

    OpenOffice.org: Home

    This is what I'm using instead. I was debating putting MSOffice on my new baby. It's such a space hog that I was seriously debating the installation I have decided to go with open office as it takes up way less space, runs better and can open and save MS files.

    I'm sorry, I value my hard drive space on my new baby!

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    Okay, I'm so talented!

    Some how I have managed to twist my knee and my ankle???? Naturally, this hasn't ever happened, till I had two flights of stairs in order to reach my bedroom. I couldn't have done this when I had an elevator...oh no, not me. Nuts.

    In the interim, I managed to get P's computer to accept the wireless card, see the network and connect to it, yippee! I'm so good! Muahahahahaha

    Now, I'm working on his security software which was in dire need of updating. Sheesh....

    Posted by Ariadne @ 17:01 :: (0) comments

    Quiet day here at the house

    I'm so tired of opening boxes and trying to put stuff everywhere, I think I'm going to scream! Gah!!!!

    I had to run to Radio Shack and get P a grounding strap so that he could install the wireless cards in the two desktops. Once that is done, I can start to set up my computer and get my desk in some type of order, I'm really missing my desk about now. Not that the laptop isn't totally fun, but I miss my desk for holding all my papers/bills/etc.

    P just announced that we have the wrong type of wireless card for his computer and now he's going to try and see if it fits mine? Then it will be back to Best Buy to get him a usb wireless adapter. that will probably be the way to go with his pc.

    I just simply refuse to have cables running all over my house, it's that easy. Hahahaha

    I also need to run to walmart and pick up a couple of small three shelf bookcases for my desk. Gah, that's a total schelp across Portland...damn it. Oh well, it will beat opening boxes, LOL!

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    Back from the Doggie Park

    We took Maggie over to the local doggie park so that she could get some exercise and socialize with a few other pooches.

    It's really rather nice. A huge fenced in area with shaded picnic tables for the "parents" and a water station with bowls around the field for the pooches. They have "pick up" bags at the four corners.

    Overall, it's really nice. The land was donated by a company and it's maintained by the city of Tigard.

    Tonight, we are grilling pork chops and have garlic mashed potatoe and veggies. It's our first meal in our new house. We did manage for find three plates, where the rest are is your best guess as is mine? LOL..I so love moving!

    We checked out the pool this afternoon, nice is all I can say. The water was rather cool but it was quite shady and very nice around the pool.

    Posted by Ariadne @ 18:17 :: (0) comments

    Yeah, that would be me! LOL

    Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
    Harry Potter Personality Quiz
    by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

    Posted by Ariadne @ 13:38 :: (0) comments

    Ah, it's Sunday

    A nice peaceful day. We went to the gym and did a "mini-workout" and then hit the grocery store for some sour cream and vanilla yogurt. We are going to grill this evening and make roasted garlic potatoes Yummy!

    I think now, I'm going to go get in the pool, because it's getting rather warm! If my house wasn't in such bad repair and in such a mess I would have a certain two people come visit and hang in the pool with us! But P would never go for that while the house is in such a mess! Hell, I couldn't even offer cold drinks because I have no idea where our glasses are yet? Hahahahaha

    Yarn, that I know where it is, the glasses? They are in a box someplace.

    Posted by Ariadne @ 13:22 :: (0) comments

    It's a gorgeous day here in Pdx

    If I could find my camera I would take a picture..wait I have a camera on my phone! It's another picture perfect day here, so I might try to grab a shot here and there.

    Nothing exciting planned for today. I might go hunting for my dishes, they are here someplace, I'm sure. I'm also going to try and find the cables for my desktop so I can hook it up as well.

    Today, it's a try to "avoid the car" day. We drive way too much, and we need to stop that. When I first moved to PDX, I rarely drove anywhere, nowdays, all I do is jump in the car and run here and there. Gah.I'm such a resource hog.

    Tomorrow is laundry day. I'm going to get up early and try to get the laundry done first thing, then take the bus down to school and see if i can get that straightened out. I need to invest in a bus pass that's for sure.

    I'm not sure what is going to go down the rest of the week, I know I will continue to unpack and toss out as the days go by. This move has been the hardest one of all, I think. No clue as to why, it's just been the hardest it seems

    Oh well, I should get moving, I need to go find P a grounding strap so he can install the wireless cards in our computers. I have refused to have wires running through my household.

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    It's been a few days now.....

    I've somewhat settled in to the new apartment. By settled, it means that we can actually sit in the living room to watch tv (we have the satellite hooked up), and can actually get to the kitchen.

    However, we still have about 50 - 60 boxes to go still. I figure it will be another week or so before I can actually get into the dining room? We stacked everything in there until we can get to it.

    Let's see, some observations of the new area:
    just within walking distance is a Kmart (discount store), a Wendy's, a Jack-in-the-box, Cold Stone Creamery (ice cream),Fred Meyer (groceries), the library, Quizno's (sandwich place), a locksmsith, Scholotsky's (another sandwich place), a chinese restraunt, a McDonald's, a Texas BBQ place, Staples, Fed Ex, Carl's Jr. Outback Steak House, TJ Max (discount clothes store),and quite a few others.

    We are on a bus line that will run straight to my school. I couldn't have planned it better.

    the way our apartment complex is set up, the majority of our apartments back up to a grassy commons area. It's great in the evening, all the kids are out playing and adults are out and about.

    It's rather breezy here in the evenings, which is very good. We don't have a western exposure (thank the Goddess). There is a doggie park about 3 miles from us so that Maggie has a place to go play with other doggies.

    My gym is only about 15 minutes away. Right at the gym is another Carl's Jr., Fuddrucker's, a sports store, a grocery store,a bakery, a quilt store, and assorted other shops.

    Behind us is a huge field for Maggie to run in.

    I actually like where we live, and will adore it once I get the house in order.

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    Blogging from a hole

    I'm literally sitting on the floor surrounded by cardboard boxes. It's the only place I could find to set my laptop up. It's not that bad as no one can see me, so I'm hidden and loving it.

    We literally have 34 boxes plus furniture to move into our apartment. It's not the amount of boxes it was the weight up one flight of stairs. Our apartment is the first floor and second floor of a three story building. So everything had to come up one flight of stairs just to be on the main floor. Then the bedroom and sewing stuff had to go up one more floor! Gah...

    Everything I own hurts, even my bruises have bruises. Gah. I can't wait to to to the gym to get in the hot tub.

    Meanwhile, I am wrangling with the closet trying to fit everything in it. I so hate moving.

    Posted by Ariadne @ 11:21 :: (2) comments


    Yay,my stuff is here! Whoo hoo!

    Posted by Ariadne @ 09:06 :: (1) comments

    Just testing!

    Just testing the mobile feature.

    Posted by Ariadne @ 06:22 :: (0) comments

    Whoo hoo,a mobile blog!

    Posted by Ariadne @ 04:56 :: (0) comments

    Listening to on my Ipod


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    One Skein
    Forbidden Magic


    Men In Trees



    Any CSI





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