Phase One of the Move-Complete

P arrived with truck/car/cat and dog. We got some stuff moved into the apartment, mainly our clothes

Tomorrow, I'm off to meet the movers, while P and T are off to get the Uhaul and get the apartment moved out. I'll owe T a huge one for this.

As for me, I'm pooped!

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My apartment echos

It's rather sad, there is an echo in here. Sniffle. Once again, all my worldly possessions are sitting in boxes. I figured it out and this is my 40th move of my life! Good Goddess, now wonder it's hard for me to settle down.

I'm 39, so that is lirerally one move for each year of my life plus one. And people wonder why I get itchy if I'm in one place too long, can't help it, apparently it's genetic.

P is supposed to get here today? We were kind of hoping he would travel today that way we could use the truck to get some of the boxes into the new place. Only problem, I packed the cameras! All I have is my cell phone so that will have to suffice till I find the cameras.

The next week is going to be horrible as I will have to unpack and try to find places for everything. I have a feeling alot of it will have to go, as we will just not have the room.

Since there is nothing left to pack nor to clean, I guess I'll just sort of hang out and knit and watch tv?

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Amazing, simply amazing

How much stuff you can cram into a studio apartment of 450 square feet! I swear we have 20 boxes packed and yet there is more? I just don't get it? Sigh....

We have reached the point to where we are picking up "stragglers"...you know the stuff that can't quite be categorized into a specific box. We will have at least two boxes of those.

and...the geniuses we are, we packed all the glasses, so there is no water drinking! Oh wait, my water bottle is in my gym bag! Yippee!

Thank the Goddess it's cool today. I can't imagine doing this in 100 degree heat...I would have just chucked it all and started over.

Oh well, back to packing.

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I think I just might die!

I ate too much at dinner tonight. T and I decided to do Kell's once last time before P gets here. I'm stuffed to the gills and had to bring home a little something.

Which reminds me, Maggie will soon be here and she knows that the "little somethings" usually have food in them. I guess my "nosh" days are almost over as well. She knows the "doggie bag" is supposed to be for the doggie? Okay, maybe she is not the dumb blonde we think she is? hehehehehe

We are at the two day count down and then it's moving day and it's going to be one hectic day let me tell you. I have to meet P at 5am at the new apartment. Then T and I have to go get the Uhaul and drive it downtown and park it to unload the studio into. Then we have to drive it to the new place and get it unpacked. After that it has to be delivered back to where we picked it up at across downtown portland. It's going to be one very crazy day, let me tell you. let's just hope it's not overly hot-that would truly suck one large raw egg!

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I could just cry...someone hand me a tissue

Read the article, it says it all: Pagan Right for Fallen Solider

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Two Days and Counting

In just two days i will be in my new apartment. The "moving stress" is startig to kick in though. I still hae a load of stuff to do.

I still need to find a storage room someplace that we can afford. Plus, I need to figure out where everything is going to be put.

Today, I'm off to find a smudge stick because i have to "fluff" the house magickally before any of our stuff gets put in it. And I need sea salt so I can protect the house.

You see, when your a witch, moving just does not constitute packing a few boxes and such, you have other stuff to do as well.

I only have a bit left to pack up and then I will be done. The worst part will be the closet, I think? The easiest room was the kitchen for some odd reason.

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How to kill a morning..

Stay on the phone with all the various utilites, cable companies, and whomever. I have had to actually plug my phone in because the phone was dying.

So far, the electric is being switched over on the 1st. The satellite and the cable are being installed on the 3rd and I will be unpacking for the entire month of August! LOL Luckily, water/sewer/garbage are taken care of by the apartment.

Even better, the laundry is almost under our apartment, so it won't be that bad a trek to do the wash, about the same distance as it is now. I just won't have an handy dandy change machine downstairs to get quarters at, nuts. Oh well, the bank is a very short walk from my front door. I can always take Maggie for a walk and go get laundry money.

I've also managed to pack out the groceries, so the kitchen is starting to look very, very empty.

P is going to be here by 5am on the 1st, which means he gets to drive all night, but we need him at the new place in order to get the delivery because the moving truck will be here that early in the am. I also have to drive out and give him the keys so that he can get in the place. Then I drive back downtown and go collect the moving van for T and I and then we have to pack out our apartment. Hopefully, that wil go smoothly and quickly. Sheesh...moving two households and trying to coordinate everything is horrible. I feel like I'm moving troops between countries!

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How could I resist...I love Green

You Are Emerald Green

Deep and mysterious, it often seems like no one truly gets you.
Inside, you are very emotional and moody - though you don't let it show.
People usually have a strong reaction to you... profound love or deep hate.
But you can even get those who hate you to come around. There's something naturally harmonious about you.
What Color Green Are You?

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You know a studio apartment really isn't that bad

One room down and two to go! Just finished packing out the bathroom. Now it's just the kitchen and the main room. With the cooler clime's, it's much easier to pack boxes than in triple digit heat.

I have to have Theodore towed today, and then will get as much as possible packed out. I also have to go to the dmv today and get that license switched over.

Being a witch, I've always wondered if I was on the right track, gaia wise. You know, getting in tune with the earth and all that. Well, I think I have proof positive, that yes, this is it, and I'm on the right track.

Traditionally, when the cooler weather starts up, people would start "nesting". Sort of getting things ready for winter (clothes, homes, etc.). In today's age, we don't really have to do that due to central heating and all. The world as we know it is pretty temperate if we want it to be.

Once you get in tune with gaia, you automatically start doing certain things and your instincts just take over. For instance, when the temps are down, I have this huge urge to pile onto the sofa and just knit all day. Or sew, I've got the sewing bug again. Or fluff the house and move things around.

I guess I never noticed it before, but I think I really am getting in tune with the seasons just like my ancestors did. I do, however, draw the line at preserving food. I'm highly allergic to the whole canning process!

**Update 1***
Tow truck is on the way!

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I think I just snapped a rib from laughing..

Did you know there is a website out there called Don't Date Him Girl.Com? Yep, there is! It's web site that you can post your horror stories on about the horrible boyfriends you have had. Sort of a warning for women who come behind you.

I was dying, these girls on there are definitely telling it like it is. Oh my!

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We have an escape cat!

Apparently, Ford has the ability to escape his cat carrier? P had him in his carrier while the packers were there. Somehow, he was able to get out of a locked cat carrier? Now, when P travels over here, he is going to duct tape the damned thing shut! Hehehe Me, I'm curious how he did it, the little bastard.

Today was a day away from home most of it. I attempted to get my address changed on my driver's license, but gave up on that, the line was too long. I'll go tomorrow. I stopped and got proof of address so I could get it changed. Then had lunch at Fuddrucker's and strolled through Bridgeport Mall. Also hit the gym, the post office to officially change addresses, stopped at the bank and wen to Walgreen's.

It's been quite a day. Tonight, I'm going to pack out the kitchen and then go through my papers and toss out as much as I can.

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Their there...their there!

The packers are at my house and packing my beloved stuff up! Yippee!!!! Oh, my bed will be here in a week! You have no idea how much I hae missed my king size sleigh bed! Sigh...

I have the proverbial "shit load" of stuff to do today. I have to make arrangements to have the Jeep towed to a "body" shop. I have to go to the post office and file a change of address. I need to get a copy of our lease so I can change the address on my drivers license (finally). I need to try and get hold of the satellite people and let them know we are moving...I've called them six times now and have been left on hold for more than 45 minutes each time. I need to contact the cable company and let them know we are moving and need to have the broadband moved. I need to pack (hehehe..I've been in denial over it..but hey, I have to get a move on here). Oh, and I have to hit the gym today. I didn't really get that much of a workout on Tuesday because it was "learning the training" day. I actually missed it yesterday. Once I get moved out there, I'll probably start going daily, I've discovered I love it.

As for yesterday, I stopped and visited with Lani for a bit. Then I came home and ended up watching two movies. Tina and I went to Kell's for dinner, we just couldn't hold out any more. I needed an ale!

I also got some new skincare stuff. I was totally out and had been waiting to try a new line of cleansers and moisturizers. The new stuff is loaded with spf which I totally insist upon. I love this stuff, one day has already made a huge difference. I love MAC!

I finished the ribbing on the bottom of the pink sweater and am now working on a sleeve, once that is done, the other sleeve will be next and then it will be on to a new project...finally. I'm dying to start a cardigan or a new top. I have some green alpaca/silk yarn that is sooooo calling my name. I simply must give into temptation.

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What a lovely day....

except that I forgot to turn off my alarm on my phone and it went off at 6:30am! Yipes We do need to fix that, that's for sure.

It's cool and cloudy today...a plus if you ask me. It got so cool last night that I had to actually grab a blanket!!! Yes, a BLANKET! We went from stifling at night to needing blankets. I can only hope it stays like this...P hates the heat and if it gets in the high 90's, well, he gets a tad bit pissy.

Today, is put the laundry away and get some boxes packed. I need to get the books and school stuff packed up and then work on my closet. If I can get those two things knocked out today, I'll almost be packed up.

I met with my trainer last night for the first time officially. The good news is that I've already dropped .5 lbs and nothing hurts this AM. LOL. I'm truly enjoying the gym (for the first time in my life) and haven't freaked out over the nutrition thing yet.

I'm basically learning to eat all over again. When I lived in Europe, I ate much better. I have to admit, America has horrid eating habits! The over abundance of fried foods and oversized portions are out of control. Plus, the fact, that most Americans are so pushed for time that they do "convienence foods" which are fast and easy. Or, they exist on the or just above/below the poverty line and can only afford the carbohydrate-laden foods.

To give an example, I could go to the grocery store and buy 7lbs of ground meat and 7 boxes of "hamburger helper", a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter for about 40.00. That would feed two people for a week, basically.

T and I went to the grocers and bought fruit, some healthy snack bars, a box of cereal, some 95% fat free ham, some cheese, a gallon of milk - that alone was 80.00!!!

Let's face it, it's literally come to the point that most Americans can not afford to eat healthy! I'm thinking of locating a butcher and seeing if they offer a "package" and just shopping there instead of the market.

Oh well, I refuse to be fat beause I'm poor...it's just not going to happen.

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Whew...it's rather cooler today...

and no, I'm not smoking anything, it really is cooler! Muahahahahaha

Even at 2:30 in the afternoon, it's oool inside the apartment! Yay...this is why I moved to PDX.

I've been knitting on the pink sweater,I'm doing the bottom ribbing at the moment and will be doing sleeves shortly. Then it will be onto another project.

Not much going on around the house today, we are watching Lord of the Rings and doing laundry. Or rather T is doing the laundry, she started it whilst I was out on an errand, the little sneak. Gah!

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You know your a resident when....

your standing at the cashier at Borders and someone recognizes you from the gym! Yep, I have finally made it! Muahahhahaha

We also found the local hospital. Ms. T got sunburned yesterday at the ocean and her poor legs are starting to swell up a bit. We thought medical treatment would be a good thing.

Today was cooler than yesterday, thank the Goddess. In fact, it's rather cool here right now, just the right temperature for knitting! I think I might knit on my sweater a bit. I want to finish this up so I can start on the next one! Hahahahaha

Also, I discovered a really cool new show on the Sci Fi channel..it's called Eureka! It's totally fabulous! It's my new fave Tuesday night show.

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Heat Busters!

The best way to beat the heat...go to the ocean! Yep, we went to Seaside this morning. It was fabulous, cool and very breezy. We stayed till about 1pm and then headed back home as we didn't want to get caught in that Sunday afternoon "back into Portland" traffic.

Once we got back, we decided to go hang out in the pool, so off we were again. It was very nice at the club! After the pool, it was to the hot tub and then to the grocery store.

We are now home, waiting for 7:56pm when the sun dips behind our hill and then our apartment will drop a good 20 degrees in about 10 minutes. Ah....bliss!

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Knitting was attempted....

I attempted to knit last night but it was just too darned hot to sit with wool on my lap.

Today I'm headed to Seaside and see if I can frolick in the ocean. I so love it down there! The salt water calls to me, I swear! I guess it's because I was tossed into the North Sea at the age of 4 to learn how to swim? Yes, that was my grandfather's idea, but it worked! Hehehehe

At least here in PDX, you can get a whiff of the ocean on some days. I love the smell of salt in the air, it just feels like home.

As much as I hate to admit this, the working out three/four times a week is starting to show some results. Thre results are more internal than external at this point. It seems that about every other visit, I have to actually up my workout in order to keep my heart rate at the miid range Sounds like a silly small thing, but it does say that my body is reacting in a postive manner. I've even managed to get up to 6.0 on the incline which makes you feel like your going up a steep hill. The cool thing about the treadmills at the club is that they can automatically adjust to your heart rate. So, it keeps you going up and down hills constantly.

It's such a small insignificant victory, but hey, it's a victory! Yippee!

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Thank the goddess it's cooler

PDX is covered with a huge cloud layer right now and it's keeping the sun from heating thing ups to unbearable. My apartment is actually comfortable right now, whew.

I went to the gym this morning and met with Carolyn (the trainer) and next Tuesday we are going to get my "routine" set up. While there, I hit the treadmill and was quite proud of myself, I did the entire 30 minutes workout with the machine controlling the incline and I never was once out of breath! I'm so proud of myself...no gasping for air, no wheezing, just a nice plain workout. I did perspire alot, but hey, I could breath, so that is a plus, at least for me.

If it stays cool like this, I might pack up a few boxes and get this move started up. It's creeping up on us fast.

It's going to be hectic for a few weeks once everything gets here, because we will be unpacking and putting away and jettisoning. I still have to find a storage room for the overflow till we can pare it down. I pretty much have an idea where all the furniture is going, so that is a plus.The best part of our new apartment..is there is no western exposure!!! Which will suck this winter when it's freezing in our house, but hey, I can live with that because it means no huge exposure in the summer months.

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This is why I don't have kids!!!!

Teen Loses Right to Seek Alternative Cancer Treatment

This is why I don't have kids. The above link is about a 16 yr old kid that has Hodgkin's Disease. He was seeking traditional treatment, which was making him ill and weak. His parents and he decided to seek alternative treatments through diet, herbs and being sugar free through a clinic in Mexico.

A judge in Norfolk, VA has decided that they don't know what is best and has ordered the kid to get traditional treatment at a hospital.

Excuse me? Isn't medical treatment a personal choice? What right does a court have to tell someone they have to get treatment that is making them worse and not helping matters?

His parents have been charged with neglect and have to share custody of him with the county social services department. I swear I would leave the damned country before I let a judge tell me what was best for me.

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It's all in my head

that if you turn off the lights, it's cooler! LOL....at least it's not as hot as it was today. It got rather warm here..even by my standards. blech.

No knitting happened today, what so ever. I couldn't even look at knitting, much less do any of it. Blech.

I'm going to take yet another shower and try to cool down so I can get to sleep. I'm tired.

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Okay, it's official...it's hot!

I rarely actually get "hot". I get warm or overheated a tad. Today it's just fricking hot and it's going to be worse tomorrow. I think I'm going to just go live in the pool tomorrow.

I got P a gift today. It's an Ipod Nano to go with his Nike Plus shoes. He already knows I got it, so it's not a surprise. Seeing that he is a runner (if your in the Navy, your a runner!). I thought it would be a nice system to help him keep track of stuff while he is out and about doing his thing. I got him the black 1gig Nano, which hooks up with a receiver from the Nike sport kit and transmits the data from your shoe to the ipod. It's really rather clever.

The funniest part, I sold two people on doing the sport kit and shoe thing while they were looking at the nano's! LOL! Nike should give me a commission.

Not sure what is on the agenda for tonight. I just realized I have not eaten all day and better step to it, I'll get reprimanded by Carolyn if she finds out! Carolyn is my trainer and I'm supposed to eat five times a day...not once! Yipes, how did this happen??? Geez, I'm going to be in trouble!!

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Imagine my surprise?

I finished the blue tank top and we just will not discuss it. Okay, a quick discussion, apparently I misread the directions someplace and it needs to be ripped out and reknitted. I'm sick of looking at it so that won't happen for quite a bit!

Now, onto the suprise part. I was going to start the "bombshell" top that I intended to start last May but never got around to. I was looking for my size 8 circular needles which were not in their case. I dug in a bag and there they were...on the pink top down sweater I started months ago! So, I'm finishing that up, I got up early to started the ribbed bottom on it. Once that is done, I will do the sleeves and it will be finished. I love finding partially completed projects, they usually only have 1/2 the project to do, and it gives me finished stuff! Hahahaha I'm so twisted.

It promises to be a hot one today, I think I'm going to get in the pool and just hang out there for the duration. Luckily our apartment doesn't get hot until about 2pm or 3pm and then it cools down almost instantly at exactly 7:50pm (that is when the sun goes down behind this huge hill to the west of us! I love that hill!

So, I'll hang out at the pool this afternoon then go to the gym and by the time I get home, it will be cool again! Yippee!

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Who knew?

According to a study done, 12 million Americans blog and 57 million Americans read them! It's a really cool article atclick here to read it

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So much to do today.....

Let's see today's to-do list:
  • call the chiropractor and get a recommendation for one here in Portland
  • pack a few boxes
  • call directv
  • call comcast cable
  • call cableone cable
  • call PGE
  • call Idaho Power
  • call Intermountain Gas
  • call the newspaper
  • call the water company
  • call PSU
  • give notice at work (yeah, I've decided to quit and go back to school fulltime and just work part time. I really want that degree.)
  • go visit my favorite treadmill/hot tub/pool/sauna and steam room
  • clean out the car
  • pick Tina up from work

  • yeah I think that about covers it pretty well?

    I also want to finish the tank top that I started months ago. It would be nice to be able to wear it before winter sets in? Once I finish that I can start on my green tshirt that I wanted to knit up.

    On the good news side of the day, I actually was able to get into a pair of Nike Pants that I had but was unable to get into! Whoo hoo! Now if only my upper would follow suit! Hehehehehe

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    To knit or not to knit

    I'm in the mood for a project, only it's too hot to start any winter knitting and too boring to keep up the summer knits. Sigh...

    I got the new knitpicks catalog in the mail today and naturally, I'm lusting after all the cool yarns they have and I want every yarn in every color! I so need a warehouse, I swear.

    I have a sweater to start knitting after I finish my scarf and the tank top that got tumbled into a box and I just found it. Yeah, it's actually still on the needles, I just have to find the pattern to finish it. I think I was just actually finishing up the straps and needed to add the side seams and it will be finished! Kind of neat...finished just in time for fall! Yeah, that would be me! Muahahahaha...can't believe I forgot all about it? Dumb me-under this red dye lurks the heart of a true blonde, I swear.

    In exactly 12 days I will have my baby back! My beloved dumb blonde of a labrador will be moving here with me, along with one very pissy cat. Gah. Can't wait to see that one...hehehehehe Ford will not be a happy camper, I can tell you that already. He gets nervous if I move the furniture around too much! So, this should be interesting. I think as long as he has his green recliner he might be okay, or at least I'm hoping so.

    I have to go to the gym tomorrow, it's workout day, although I have to make a chiropractor appt in the next few days. I must get back in and get my back looked at.

    As for now, I'm popped, all that ocean and sun today has tired me out. Night!

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    Where to start?

    Let's see, I had an appt with an attorney this morning about my car accident on 6/25. Could get interesting, but that's all I can say at the moment because I can't really chat too much about it.

    Since I got an "occurrence" for being late, I figured why not take one for the whole damned day! So...I went to the ocean! Yep, I got a wild hair up the wazhoo and drove out to seaside, it's only 56 miles (90.16 km)

    I played in the ocean and chased little teeny baby sea turtles and very teeny fish. I called Salem and told her I was calling her from the Pacific Ocean..hehehehehe...it was kind of fun. Unfortunately, I got drenched, so that I had to stop and buy some shorts and a t-shirt. Stopped and had lunch and then came on home.

    It was great fun.It was a nice relaxing day actually...kind of needed it to be truthful. I've had a stressy few months of it to be sure.

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    Oh yeah, I found dinner....

    Since I had to return my Franklin stuff to get it exchanged for larger, I took advantage that Romano's Macaroni Grill for that dinner. I love that place,it's oh so yummy!

    I watched "National Treasure" again..I love that movie! So, over all, it's been a lovely evening. Kind of sad though, I have to work tomorrow...blech. So begins my four day jaunt of work days....blech. Oh well, I guess I have to pay to play, right?

    I still have laundry to fold, so I should get to that, as it's on my bed at the moment, and I need to get to sleep because I have to get up early on in the am. More on that later.

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    I need a new brain!

    I took the plunge today and hit the Franklin Store today. I got a new planner which I totally planned to spend the evening with organizing my life. Only problem...I bought the wrong filler pages! Yeah, that was a great moment. I know how to schelp back downtown to get it exchanged. Luckily they are open until 9:00pm. Gah...I can't believe I did that...it just goes to show everyone, I really need a planner!

    I also scored two pairs of Nike workout pants and a pair of Nike shorts. Hey, it's not workout gear without the swoosh! hahaha...gotta have the swoosh.

    I've managed to put over 1,000 calories into my person today! Yippee! The new trainer has me eating between 1700 and 2500 calories for the next few weeks so that my body gets used to food being put into it. Then, once that happens, it will start burning calories and I can get on track to loose the extra person I carry around with me.

    I have to figure out what to do for dinner tonight, though. Hmmm, pickings are quite slim in our house as far as "healthy" goes. I'm sure I can make do, I have some nutrious things hanging out amoungst all the crap.

    I started packing today as well, our kitchen looks a bit sparse and it now echos...sigh. Next day off, I'm packing up the closet or at least the winter stuff or "extra" clothes that I don't wear that frequently? After that I'm going to box up books and go through all the previous semesters stuff and get that packed as well. I'm going to leave all the equipment till the very end.

    I have a million phone calls to make in order to get everything switched around. Remember, I'm moving two households each with it's own set of "utilities" and it's a pain in the ass. At the moment, I'm waiting for Direct TV to pick up the f*((**ing phone, I've been on hold for 13 minutes now and I've heard the "this line will be picked up in 10 minutes" twice now. My patience is slowly but surely grinding down to non existence.

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    I'm thinking of starting up a whole new blog?

    I think it's time to start up a new blog. I'm kind of tired of my old one, although, it's a tough decision to make. I'm very, very attached to my blog and I'm comfy with it. I might wait to see if U can get it moved for me? If so, I'll just keep it there.

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