Whoo hooo...I will have glasses in 10 days!

Yep, I finally found a pair that I could afford!!!!! Back in May I got my eye glasses prescription from my new eye doctor. The appointment was only 40.00...but the glasses were going to be $540.00!! Ouch. I just can't afford that, it's just too bloody much for glasses, which I seriously need.

It's a crying shame that in this country, that eye wear is so bloody expensive! Ouch. Anyway, I found my glasses today at Binyon's. They are an eyewear place here in Portland, that was having a 50% off sale today. That was 50% off frames and lenses!!! I about fainted. I only happened to be in Washington Square Mall by accident today.

Yippee! My old glasses had gotten to the point that I can't really see out of them. So, if there were an accident with the contacts, I would be SOL! I'm so happy! Yay!

And.......as a bonus, I found Magnetic Poetry in Italian! Hehehehe, that will go well with my Italian this fall! So far, the fridge says...cane bene...which means good dog! Muahahahaha...hey, small steps, very small steps, you know?

Posted by Ariadne @ 16:45

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I recently found out that getting new glasses would be way cheaper than I thought - $175 for lenses in my old frames.. rather than the $375 I was quoted elsewhere. I desperately need glasses - mine are EIGHT years old!! I wear contact lenses all the time simply for that reason. Its absolutely disgusting that you can't get eye or dental care here in the US without being filthy stinking rich.

Posted by Blogger Mouse @ 6:30 PM #

welll I know what its like I was lucky to find a place that does packages so I got readers for 150 and my bi focals for 205 which is very cheap for australia. I too have been known to occasionally re use frames till they are far too gone.

Posted by Blogger metal and knit @ 5:18 AM #
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