What a morning! Sheesh....

The day started at 6am..which is early by my standards, unless I'm up early already. I wasn't up, so it was early.

T had court today about the accident we were in. So, off to downtown we went...at 6:30am. Traffic wasn't bad, we were parked by 7:10 or so. Then it was a stop at Starbuck's where I had a morning libation...I was dying.

After having coffee, we trekked over to the Multnomah County Courthouse. Upon entering said courthouse, I promptly tossed my bag on the xray machine. Said bag was promptly pulled aside. Then I got the "ma'am, may I search you bag"? Sure, (yes, I definitely look threatening in my t-shirt and jeans) Apparently, teeny tiny knitting scissors and wooden knitting needles are considered deadly weapons here in the Pacific Northwest and said items can't be brought into the courthouse. I had to leave them there with security. Sigh, and I was going to start my scarf in the copious amounts of time that I planned on sitting around. So, after having to leave my deadly weapons at the door, we proceeded upstairs to the District Attorney's office-which was not open yet. (insert copious amounts of sitting there-which could have been spent knitting).

Sitting in a courthouse is rather, well, um, boring. (if I had my knitting, I wouldn't have been bored) As I sat there, I watched the people that walked in. (The personnel of the District Attorney's office) And I noticed one thing, only one of the twenty or so people that walked in actually looked happy. Most had this gloomy look about their face (see, knitting would help these people)and looked like they wanted to be anyplace but where they were at(I don't blame them, the knitting Nazi's downstairs proved that). Was it the fact it was 8am or the fact of where they worked?

I realized that I don't want to look like that. I really want to enjoy going to my job and not have it be a "life sentence" hanging over me daily.

Anyway, at 8am, we went in, only to find out that the court case had been cancelled. Yep, if you look on the supeona, it clearly stated to call the day ahead and make sure it was still on. Someone didn't do that. I gratefully descended back to the first level and went in hunt of my deadly weapons (they were safe and sound)

Then it was off to the DMV so that T could get her Oregon license. Which she did. Then it was out to Gladstone, OR to show proof of said license so that she could get her car titled in Oregon.

Finally, it was back home by 10:30am. I just woke back up from my late morning nap. I'm pooped already.

Posted by Ariadne @ 12:16

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I had the same problem with all my trips to court for my custody battle. I had an 1 1/2 train ride each way and then all the time I had to sit around waiting for my case. I could have had 4 sweaters done already. Don't these people know that knitters are lovers, not fighters?

Posted by Blogger Manic Witch @ 2:37 PM #
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