What a fabulous day!

Lani and company came over and spent the day. The guys had football and snacks, the girls each had a computer handy to play on and we had knitting and gabbing.

We did hamburgers on the grill and had chips and tons of soda. Overall, it was just a very fun day.

My new glasses arrived as well. I was so excited. I can actually see now! Wow! What a difference these puppies offer.

I have to go to the gym tonight because tomorrow am, I am off to school as it's the first day of term. I'm kind of excited but yet, I've gotten quite used to my stay at home routine as well. It's going to be quite freaky next week, that's for sure.

I have to pack my bag tonight, blech. Oh well, it had to start sooner or later, I suppose. I have two classes tomorrow and one on Tuesday. That will be my schedule for M/W/F..two classes....T/R..one class. Won't be that bad, as I can take the express bus downtosn and back again.

Oh, I have to take some pics of the finished bag. I got the lining sewn in this afternoon, so it's a done deal and ready to be used. Yay!

Hmmm, what am I knitting next? LOL! Another bag? I could dedicate myself to my cardi but that is hard to schelp around at school. I'll have to find something small or in pieces to work on. I do have my scarf, that is rather portable. I guess it could be my "tranport" project, or at least until it's done. By then I could have found something else to work on.

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love the halloween/samhain colors on your blog! (I usually read on bloglines.. so I miss the changes folks make) I always think its funny when I get new contact lenses and wonder how on earth I could see out of the others I was wearing for so long! Yay for new glasses!

Posted by Blogger Mouse @ 5:31 AM #
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