Well, this has been a cheery afternoon....

The Sci-Fi channel is running a Eureka marathon, showing all the episdoes so far. Yummy, it's one of my fave shows. I've been lounging in the recliner knitting on the sock with my handy dandy box of tissues at hand.

Today's rant...network special reports. Today I was watching "The View" (see, I told you I was addicted!) and they were talking about the strides that Barbara Walters had made for women in the news industry when they were interrupted by a "special report".

Now, since 9/11, everytime I see the words "special report", my heart drops to the bottom of my stomach and I get cold chills. The special report, the United States was moving the 14 detainees into custody and arranging for a military tribunal. They had to scare the crap out of me for that? That couldn't have waited till the noon news, they had to interrupt for that?

P told me I had the wrong attitude on it the whole subject, that some people consider that these 14 people's rights have been violated for years now (these people were the masterminds behind 9/11). Hmmm, let me confer with my brother Mark about people's civil rights. Oh yeah, I can't because he died in the Pentagon on 9/11, his civil rights were totally ignored on that day, by the 14 people being held.

Yeah, my attitude stinks, I know, I'll discuss it with Mark the next time I see him. In the meantime, I'll politely agree to disagree and move onto another subject. So, who has new yarn they want to brag about?

Posted by Ariadne @ 17:58

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I am so, SO sorry to hear about your brother. :( Honestly, I don't think you have the wrong attitude at all (I agree, actually.) Those who want to be heartless killers have to suffer the consequences. Why should we feel any sympathy for them when they do?

Let's see, new yarn...Um...I picked up four skeins of bernat softee chunky today. Two in dark blue, one in "hot orange" and one in gray. I love the way it feels, and if I have enough, I'm going to try to knit a shrug out of the blue and maybe a hat or something out of the gray and orange. :)

Posted by Blogger Jaime @ 9:06 PM #

i dont think your attitude stinks... at all... in fact what i think stinks is the smell... that permeated my city (new york) that i can STILL smell in my mind, and it always makes the tears close to the surface when i think about it... so NO... i dont give a rats@ass about their rights either (and i NEVER would have imagined myself thinking that way) but there it is... and there ya go (and i'm sorry about your brother, it's gonna be tough the next few days)...

no new yarn but i bought my first pair of dpns... i'm gonna see what yarn in my stash i can ruin w/em!

have a wonderful wk/end.. & i love your blog layout! (the content's cool too)!

Posted by Blogger roxtarchic @ 1:37 PM #
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