The Toe Up Sock

I've decided at the bright hour of 10pm that I want to learn how to knit a toe up sock. I've chosen a Bernat Camouflage yarn in Blue Frost and am using size 8 dpns. Yes, I know, it will be a bulky sock, but great for running around the house in. Don't ask me why? On 9/11, nothing I do is questionable...we just sort of go "okay, Ari, whatever you say, sweetie". You carefully nod and know that tomorrow things will be back to the quasi-normal that exists in my universe.

I got two new knitting magazines today. The Knit It and KnitSimple. The KnitSimple has a killer blanket pattern. It's a patchwork affair where you knit the blocks and then stitch them together. The blocks are what caught my eye. Each block is an intarsia doggie! They have pawprints and bones for variety. I love this blanket nad think it would be good for transit as it's portable Just keeping up with the place you are on the chart might be a task if traveling. I'm thinking I might save up and get some of the yarn suggested, it's a Tahki Donagual Tweed. Just seeing the word "Tahki" and my checkbook quivered, and it's downstairs! I'll have to save up for this project that's for sure. I was thinking maybe if I substituted an acrylic, Maggie oould have it as her "car blankie" and I could then wash it? I'll have to see, the tweeds are fabulous and I love the way it looks. Plain colors might detract from the overall effect. Will see.

Between the new issue of Knitty coming out and Tina getting her new car, today flew by. That alone is a blessing, let me tell you. Now, when I go to sleep, I will wake up on the twelth and won't have to fret about today for another 364 more days! Yay!

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