Success, at last

I finally, FINALLY got the green purse felted down, the strap sewn on and a lining picked out. Yay! I'm going to make the lining tomorrow and get it sewn in. I picked a white one with little yellow flowers and green leaves on it. I figured it would be cheery against that dark green wool. The bag turned out rather well, I really think it's going to be my winter bag this term? Whoo Hoo. ** Pictures will be forthcoming tomorrow, I swear**

The cami clutch felted up nicely and I have a small adjustment to make on it, and then it will be fit for use as well. I'm thinking I might put a magnetic snap on it. It will be just the perfect size for a cell phone, small wallet and some keys. It's sort of a "date purse" and not a "shopping purse".

The purple scarf is coming along well. I'm about 40% done on it. I'm not sure how long it's going to be, yet? I'm thinking rather long as I like to loop them around my neck in the winter.

What I'm surprised about, is that Red Heart Symphony yarn. I have no idea how I ended up with it, but it's really not that bad at all. It's knitting up nicely and I rather like it, hehehe. I've probably offended yarn snobs around the world, but yes, I do like some acrylics.

I'm a very, very picky knitter. I either love a yarn or I hate it. For instance, I'm not overly fond of Lopi, I find it scratchy. I do love Lamb's Pride and kind of tolerate Cascade 220. I've developed a passion for Patton's Classic Wool and have a love/hate thing with Red Heart. I have found with Red Heart, different colors feel different ways? Don't ask me, but Red Heart Super Saver is not created equally! I love wool-ease and can take or leave Lion Brand Homespun. I'm totally in lust with some wool/soy that I found, can't wait to knit it up into something to see how it goes? Oh, and I really dislike Noro Kureyon..it's horribly scratchy.

I have no idea what drives my tastes in yarn? It's not the price or the name, I think it all derives to how it feels when I hold it? Again, I'm just a picky, picky knitter, what can I say?

Let's don't even get me started on needles, shall we? We will save that for another day. LOL!

Posted by Ariadne @ 21:44

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We don't get pictures? You have to show pics on blogs of finished knits...LOL!

Ok, show me when I get there tomorrow. HUGS!

Posted by Blogger Lani @ 10:14 PM #

I have a skein of red heart symphony, too, so I'm glad to hear it knits up nicely. Mine is a grayish-blue color that for some reason screams "bucket hat" to me. LOL! :D And I totally agree with you on the red heart super saver - they really do vary in degrees of softness. It seems to be the brighter, saturated colors and some of the new multicolored yarns that are softer. It's really weird. :D

Posted by Blogger Jaime @ 2:47 AM #
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