So when did you first discover the web?

Since it's OneWebDay, it made me remember when I first discovered the web or the internet as it was called.

I was six years old and at Oxford University. We took a field trip for our science class and they showed up this huge room full of wires and lights. Sitting in the middle was what looked like a tv with a typewriter attached to it. The man explained that it was a computer and that you could type on it and communicate with a person in America. Naturally, I had to try it...and I did...and I was hooked!

It took me six years before I convinced a relatives (my grandfather) to buy me a computer..it was a Sharp MZ 80Z. I loved that thing.

I hovered over the guy that was installing it. It came with a printer and a modem!!! The modem was bloody huge and you literally put the phone receiver on it in order to communicate. I literally watched every move that guy made and then he booted it up. I swear, it was love at first sight!

I was the only one that really cared about it, so I was the one he showed how to use it. The normal stuff was cool, like the word processing, the math (I loved that part), and the games. The thing that caught my attention...the fact your computer could call other computers!!!! Oh my...that definitely had my attention. He left me a list of local BBS's in the area and it was history.

That first night, I was so excited I couldn't sleep, so I snuck back downstairs into the den, booted it up and started checking out BBS's. Amazing!!!!!

The thing about the BBs's, everyone online in those days were geeks. They believed in freedom of information and sharing. If you asked a question, you got a million answers to it. I learned quite alot on some of those BBS's and everyone was nice about it.

Here I was a 12 year old girl sitting out in rural Texas talking with guys in NJ, NY, CA, WA and there was nothing but geek talk going on. I miss some of those guys, I have often wondered what happened to them. Well, some of them, you kind of know about, because they started arresting people and it was all over the news in those days.

I used to "go to bed" at 10pm, then be back downstairs by 11pm and be up till 5 or 6am. After the first phone bill came in and my "activities" were discoverd, I had to be stealthy about it. I would explain, but Rule #1 from way back then, never admit to anything! Hahahahaha

We had that one until the early 80's and then we upgraded to a commodore 64!!!! Whoo Hoo! I loved that one even more. After the Com64, it was a Trash 80...at the time, it was a great computer.

It was kind of nice because when I was in college, I set up a BBS at my grandparents on the old 64. That way, I could call it, leave a message and my grandmother would get it. She loved that.

Sigh, but my world as I knew it ended back in the early 90's when the WWW was born. It was like having your country club turned into the YMCA...where everyone could join. Expansion and growth are a good thing, overall I guess. It has become what we all thought it could be, a major sharing of information and knowledge.

With every good thing, however, comes the bad. The nasty people in the world had a venue on which to spread their crap. I miss the old days when it was just geeks online and we took care of our own problems.

Even now, years and years later, I still love computers. I can't imagine my life without them??? Yeah, yeah, I know...kids played outside and hung out and people talked more.

On the kid thing...we have a gang of kids here that play outside and hang out together. So far, they have torn down a play structure, taken to shooting cars with rubber darts and destroying property. I'm kinda of wishing they were inside playing computer games, truthfully.

So you see, the computer can be a really good thing!!!!!

Posted by Ariadne @ 07:15

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My first exposure to the internet wasn't nearly as interesting as yours. In fact, I fell asleep! LOL! I posted about it on my blog.

Happy OneWebDay and Merry Mabon! Hugs! :D

Posted by Blogger Jaime @ 4:53 PM #
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