Shhh, don't tell her

Since Ari is in the kitchen cooking dinner, I'm hijacking her computer. She never lets me use it and simply refuses to get me my own. Ha, I'll just use hers and will cover my kitty tracks when I'm done.

Other kitties have been doing the "five things about me", and I have been wanting to do it, but noooo....she won't let me. Therefore, while she is occupied, here I go:

1. I have a collection of meows. Each one is designed to voice the intent and mood of my wish. I have the "FEED ME NOW","PET ME NOW","PICK ME UP NOW" and "MOVE OVER". I also have the array of meows that include the ever popular "my litterbox needs assistance", "the dog is up to something" and "will you get your butt out of the chair so I can lounge in it".

2.I have a dog. I don't think they realize the dog is mine, but she is. I'm quite fond of taking my frustrations out on her. She's is so stupid, she falls for it every time. If I'm pissed off, I can smack the dog and feel better. Hey, I can't call for therapy, you know?

3.I hog the bed. You know, it takes alot of room for a cat to sleep comfortably. I simply must sleep in the middle of it, lest I roll off and have an embarassing moment.

4.I have to have privacy for my litterbox. Do you like an audience in the bathroom? Well, I don't. On the other hand...see #5.

5. There are to be no closed doors in this house. I must be able to freely visit where I need to when I need to. This means you can not close the bathroom door, it simply will not do. I seriously need to know what is going on, in all places, at all times.

On and a bonus, I really hate the "rotund" jokes. I realize I'm not a slim kitten anymore, but making the jokes about the "wide load" sticker for my tail is not winning points.

Ford Prefect

Posted by Ariadne @ 18:27

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Naughty kitty. I'm going to tell Mama on you.

Posted by Blogger Manic Witch @ 7:31 PM #

Great.. Now I have to hope that my cat doesn't read this blog or she'll be the next furball to hijack a computer and take over a blog.

Posted by Blogger Mouse @ 8:31 PM #


Posted by Anonymous Kelly @ 10:56 PM #
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