Sei su Internet?

That would be an affirmative! Hahaha...P is on holiday for a week. He goes back to work next Friday and then leaves for a week. Figures that the military would give him leave the week I go back to school? Sigh...then the second week of school...he will be gone, poor Maggie. She will be crossing her paws by the time I get back in the afternoons.

You know, we have a chemist line here that is more of a "all in one shop" called Walgreens. You can find the oddest things there for very little cash. My fave laundry soap..it's only 2.99 for a huge jug of it. Can't beat that, that's for sure.

Staples on the other hand, is the love of my life. I'm addicted to office supplies. I can't help it. Just the mere thought of new pens and post it notes makes my mouth water! LOL.

They did come up with something I found highly desirable. It's a combination with letters and not numbers. I have the worst memory for numbers, but can remember words I spelled in the fifth year. Said lock was actually cheaper than buying a new lock with key. Why do I need a new lock? I lost my gym lock, I think I left it at the gym last time I was there. Hence, the new one, which means one less key I have to keep up with....yay!

We also scored a new optical mouse for P. His mouse was dying, and no it was not because I was pounding it on the desk a few weeks ago. It's just time for it to cross over, so we replaced it with an optical mouse (the only way to mouse!).

I also picked up refill lead for the "pink pencil". I'm very attached to my pink mechanical pencil. It's been with me since the very first day of college...back in 03 and I'm quite convinced I can't do math without it. So, it needed refill lead today.

I know, I'm a strange person, we have known that for years now.

Posted by Ariadne @ 14:41

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I also love office supplies! I try not to go over board, but sometimes I just can't help it! :-)

Posted by Blogger Ary @ 4:56 PM #
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