The perfect morning.....

You know, today just may qualify as the perfect morning. It's overcast, which gives the house a nice light, not a glaring bright one. I have a huge mug of blackberry tea and the radio is playing killer music this morning. That...and every single of my "fave blogs" has updated this morning! What more could a girl ask for (except to take her knitting into court with her)?

Today, I'm going to felt two bags! Yippee! Funnily both are of the same green family, so they can go together. I'm going to sit down and watch what was recorded on Tivo last night and knit on the scarf.

I finally figured out why my knitting is going so slow...I've stopped watching tv! For some reason, unkown by womankind, I simply must have blatent nonsense on the telly in order to quickly knit? Any clues anyone?

I got my secret pal the gift of the week and need to get it mailed today. I should go do that before I felt, as I will have to watch the washer.

Other things in the news today, school starts in exactly FIVE days!!!! FIVE..that is less than a week. Am I getting pre-term jitters? Yep. Am I not looking forward to schelpping downtown by bus daily...oh yes. Am I excited..oh heck yes!

I'm sure I will be bemoaning my fate in a few short weeks, but right now, I'm totally psyched out over it. That and I have to get a job...I do have a car to pay for, you know. I have a job, but I think I might want a better one? Campus is having a job fair tomorrow, so I'm going to hit that up with a pile of resumes..oh yeah, I need to make up some of those today...good thing I blogged about it or I would have forgotten.

Plus, there is the tidy that this place always needs. Blech. I miss my studio...it was easy to take care of.

Guess, I should get dressed and hit the post office, it needs to be done and sitting here in front of the computer is not going to help matters.

Posted by Ariadne @ 11:04

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Glad to hear that you're excited about school! Here's hoping that lasts for a little while! :)

Posted by Anonymous Kelly @ 10:21 PM #
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