Gah...a pox on the SciFi Channel! Last night was the season finales's of both Stargate Sg-1 and Atlantis....gah..both were serious cliffhangers!!!! A pox on them!

I'm still torqued that they are going to end SG-1. I have watched it since it was a movie back in the 80's! The first time I saw that movie, I knew it had to become a tv series, it totally rocked. Actually, it still rocks today. Oh well, at least it's on DVD..thank the Gods!

And as usual, I managed to get quite a few rows knitted on the cardi. I seemed to have developed "upstairs knitting" and "downstairs knitting". I have no idea, it just seems that I work on the cardi when upstairs and the scarf when downstairs.

Meanwhile, I have to fluff my blog again. I've decided I didn't like the design so I switched it, except I forgot to switch a few things..so I need to work on those today.

Tomorrow, Lani and family are coming over to do football/knitting/hanging out. We figured the hubbies could do football all day and we could knit and gab, the teenager can hang out online and the sub-teenager will do whatever it is she does?

Now, I'm often to read blogs and get caught up.

Posted by Ariadne @ 09:00

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We will be there. Not sure what time exactly. Should we bring food, or somehting?


Posted by Blogger Lani @ 9:30 AM #

Can I come? sounds like fun (I like football, too so there would be a conflict). I like to whole upstairs/downstairs knitting. Have a fun weekend, girls.

Posted by Blogger DAWN @ 10:14 AM #

Oh, are we feeling all bright colored? I like it. The purple, green, orange combo is nice. Hmmm...I am sticking with my black/pink bats for a while. Hehehehe...quit tinkering already, it makes me wanna do mine again. I have to be strong and refrain. LOL!

Posted by Blogger Lani @ 12:00 PM #
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