It's Pagan Pride Day

Yep, the annual Pagan Pride Day is upon us here in Portland. It's an international event and held on different days in different places. It's usually a great way for pagans to get together and let it be known we aren't what the movies portray us as.

Usually, getting Pagans to get together in groups in public is not an easy task. Some of us are out of the broom closet, but many are still in it.

I came out of the closet when we lived in Virginia Beach, VA. It has a very, very active pagan population so I was pretty open and free about it. Seattle was open about it, but the pagans were spread out all over and rarely got together, really.

Idaho, I refused to go back into the closet and got harassed. That was kind of eye opening to see how closeminded Christians really are. Most Christians I had known up to that point had been at least civil about it. Not so in Idaho, I think if they could have gotten away with a burning stake they would have tried it.

Now, I'm in Portland and all is well again. I will NEVER, NEVER live someplace that religious freedom is not allowed or condoned. Even though it is a constitutional right, the Christians in this country have gotten the idea that this country was founded on Christianity. They always say, it's on our money, in our court openings, etc.

What they don't realize is that you don't have to swear on a bible in court, and the God thing on the money, that happened in the fifties. The original founders that created this whole thing...most of them were deist. Meaning they believed in a deity that put you here and you figured it out on your own. They didn't believe one religion was better than another, they purposely separated church and state. The founders came from the "englightened period", meaning the founding fathers had studied history and the crimes that Christians had visited on non believers and thought it was bunk.

Almost every major war of our past was fought over religion and they wanted to start a place where that wouldn't happen. Too bad it didn't work, they had a great idea. Even though every person that lives in our country (legal or non-legal) has the right to worship as they see fit, provided it brings harm to no other human being. That means if your a pagan, muslim, jew, baptist, catholic or mormon you have the right to worship as you see fit.

In my personal experience, I have found the different sects of baptist and "evangalical" sects to be the most close minded, hateful people on the planet. They are way worse than the muslim's that believe that killing is the answer. If some of the different christian sects in America thought they could get away with religious jihads....they would do it!

I was brought up to believe in every person has a personal belief and just because it's not yours does not make it wrong. My family was just way ahead of the curve. I think it was because in the 1600's, we actually lost a couple of members to the witch burnings. We also learned quick during the Cromwell period that whatever religion was the "one of the day" was what we were publicly. Privately, we did our own thing. Somewhere around the 1800's., publically, we became Catholics? I still haven't gotten the story on that one...but privately, we were always followers of the "old religion".

Heck, in 1970, my mother converted to Judaism (who knows, she was in Israel?). I have an entire side of the family that is Southern Baptist, whom I love dearly even despite that fact. They all love and accept me, although I am careful not to "witch out" too much around them. Not that I couldn't, it's just a sign of respect. They in turn don't "christian out" around me too much.

I'm married to a Catholic and I have a cousin who is islamic. She converted when she was 18, it was just what made her happy. We all have a path to follow, who cares what it is called, right?

So, Happy Pagan Pride Day!

Posted by Ariadne @ 10:41

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Living in a little town in TN for nearly 2 years and being harrassed on a daily basis was probably one of the crappiest things I've had to endure to date.

Posted by Blogger Mouse @ 1:46 PM #

Happy Pagan day, Ari! Hugs! :D

Things are odd here in KY. My ancestors were mostly Holiness (they did not handle snakes, though) but a lot of the things they did would certainly be considered "witchy" nowadays. My grandmother was said to plant her garden using zodiac signs, predicted rainstorms and they all used plants growing in the mountains, spiderwebs, etc. for healing purposes. In fact, my mom says that our distant cousin was said to have been a witch because she could make things happen (to my knowledge, she was never bothered about it, and incidently, her son grew up to be a preacher.) I sometimes wonder if it's not the practices that bother people, but the labels. Well, at least here. My dad's family (who are stereotypical fundies) would've had massive spasms if I had ever mentioned any of this to them.

Posted by Blogger Jaime @ 8:26 PM #
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