I would rescue them all if I could

I accidently clicked on a link to petfinders.org...and oh my. I try to pretend that I'm cold hearted and tough, but yet, I sat here with tears in my eyes.

How can people shoot a dog that has puppies with it? How can someone dump puppies on the side of the road? How could someone just dump a dog off in the middle of nowhere? How can you take responsibilty for a dog then when it grows up and is larger than you thought, you dump it off at a pound?

I guess it's a good thing I'm not the President of the United States, because our prisons would be full of animal abusers. No wait, I wouldn't put them in prison, I would string them up and take a few strips of flesh off with a horsewhip.

If you can't take the long term responsiblity of an animal, then you just shouldn't have one. For goddess sake if you have one, get it spayed or netured, it prevents those puppies you want to dump on the side of the road.

I so want to just lash out at people that abuse animals. Let them see what it feels like.

Posted by Ariadne @ 19:50

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That's the reason we have over ten cats, six dogs, a rabbit, fish and also take care of strays and the neighbor's dogs. Most of our pets started off as someone else's. Even Thor, in fact, was left abandoned on a railroad track in the middle of a busy street. And the worst part is that all we can do is feed them and try to treat their colds or whatever the best way we can because the vet's are so ridiculously overpriced. But still, it's better than the alternative. People poison and shoot strays here. We even had a cat come home once after being hit with a machete. He lost an eye (and the vet couldn't even stitch his head up because none of us immediately had the money for the vet bill. Grrr!)

I wish I could save them all, too...

Posted by Blogger Jaime @ 10:50 PM #

Well, we all know I am the crazy animal lady around here. I feed all of the stray cats in the neighborhood as well as a slew of raccoons. I feel sorry for them and have to give them food. I can't help myself.

With Phoebe...we got her from an add in the paper in the BAD part of Tacoma. She was sickly and probably the runt of the litter. Pixie came to us by a person that worked with Hubby and she was the last of her litter that was going to the pound as unwanted if we did not take her. So, we did. I still have those two stinker cats now...Phoebe is 7 and Pixie is 6 yrs old.

Yeah, I don't understand how people can just dump things off. I am too soft hearted...*sigh*

Posted by Blogger Lani @ 2:21 PM #
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