Good thing it's been captured digitally!

Look close because it will be gone by breakfast! Yep, apple pie has a very, very short shelf life in this house. Not my best effort, as I noticed the seam in the crust came apart. But, there was no leakage into the pan, which is how I judge if it is a success or not. So, it was a success.

See, with the cooler weather, I tend to bake and cook more often. Two pies in less than four days, you can't beat that. I was going to do the carrot cake, but still can't lay my hands on my mixer (either one of them!).

On the plus side of the day, I managed to get to the bank, get the car washed, get it dusted and cleaned on the inside, get the laundry done, bake the apple pie, hoover and freshen the entire downstairs and get about twenty rows knitted on the "arctic slipper".

I've decided that the toe up socks are going to be more like slippers because of the weight and gauge, so I've named them the "arctic slippers". I wish all socks knitted up this fast! LOL!

I still have to fix dinner, the chicken is defrosting now. We are having chicken fried rice for dinner tonight.

I love the cooler weather! Yippee!

Posted by Ariadne @ 15:51

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I love making apple pie. I even make my own crust-from scratch. But the edges always look like crap. I tend to not leave enough to do much more than make sure they are sealed, and even then its hit or miss. But considering the fact that a pie lasts only about 1-2 days here, no one else seems to mind. :)

Posted by Blogger Manic Witch @ 5:42 AM #

That pie looks yummy! Hope you saved me a slice! And yay! I can leave comments here now! :)

Posted by Anonymous Kelly @ 9:00 AM #

Your pie is beautiful! I love to back and cook, myself, but it is hard to do for one person. :-)

Posted by Blogger Ary @ 1:07 PM #
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