Don't you just hate it when

your lying in bed at 5am and can't sleep? What is up with me lately? I know I said I was going to start getting up earlier due to school starting soon. But geez, I meant earlier than 10am...not 7am? Gah....

Oh well, at least it's quiet and I'm able to get caught up on my blog readings. I didn't read blogs all weekend, so it was a chance to get caught up with everyone.

Today I have a somewhat busy day. I have to pick up Lani and her computer to take it to the doctor. It was supposed to happen yesterday, but wires got crossed, so today it is. I also have to schlep to downtown PDX to pick up school crap and books. Then I have a load of laundry to run through and a purse to felt.

I had attempted to handfelt the bag at the studio, but apparently hand felting and I do not mix. I will now attempt to use the washer to get it to felt down enough. I hope?

The dark mark bag is coming along nicely.It's going to be a smaller bag, which will be just right for shopping. I'm going to add a longer strap so that it will hang across the body at the hip. I think it will be perfect for the cell phone, wallet, keys and few other small things.

I also have to clear off my sewing table so that I can set up the machine, P needs uniform pants hemmed and I need to work on a new bag. After spending a week searching for the "perfect" purse, forget it, it does not exist. I'll just design my own, thank you.

I really should go into purse design, I swear...I could make a fortune!

Oh and I have to clean the "meux meux" box. Lucky me.

Posted by Ariadne @ 06:12

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Sounds like you'll be having a busy day! Enjoy!

Posted by Anonymous Kelly @ 7:43 AM #

I've been like that for months now. On days where I can sleep in til all hours, and get up at the crack of noon, I seem to be up by 7:00. I guess since I usually get up by 5:30 for work, that IS considered sleeping in. I get an extra 1 1/2 hours of sleep. But not really since I usually stay up later than usual the night before. I can't win.

Posted by Blogger Manic Witch @ 5:54 AM #
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