Does religion really have to be part of it?

(glaring spelling errors ahead, too lazy to look them up!)

That is my ponder of the day. Why does religion have to come into play? The thing I'm curious about (and this rears it's ugly head at least four or five times a year) is why people of one religion feel obligated to try and push their beliefs on those of another?

Now, I realize that when someone thinks they have a good thing going, they naturally feel obligated to share it. You know, you find a killer shoe sale or yarn on sale for 1.00 a ball or something, you feel you must simply tell your best girlfriend. That's fine, in fact, I think things like that should be broadcasted on the evening news.

However, when you have a preference in your religious views or your political views or your views on the color your neighbor paints their house...there should be a line that is not crossed. It's fine if being Baptist or Catholic makes you happy, or you love the fact that your a Democrat or a Republican or the fact that your neighbors house is bright purple with turquiose trim(and it makes you want to be ill). Those are things that you should not feel free to share with the public at large.

I love the fact that I'm Pagan. It is what makes me the happiest. It's the driving force behind how I conduct myself in the world at large. I'm not perfect by any means, but I do strive to treat everyone like I would want to be treated, I'm curtious to my neighbors (don't play the bass on my surround sound at top level), I help people when I can (like when it was 102 here and there were people having car troubles at my offramp..I stopped and gave them water and asked if they needed help). You know, the good person on the planet thing. I even give back change if too much is given to me.

I don't, however, feel obligated to tell everyone I see during the day that I'm a Pagan and that you should correct the error of your ways because your not a Pagan. I don't sublimily send out random emails asking you to join a pagan path study group (you know...bible study?). I don't go around making stuff up because someone is a different religion (the devil worshipper stuff). I also don't feel obligated to leave pamphlets on people's cars because they just might not be my religion. (Okay, that's my pet peeve-finding things on my car!)

And why, oh why....do some people feel that because your pagan and your blog clearly states that your pagan, that they simply must gather their forces and try to force you to close down your blog? For instance, a few years ago, a pagan I knew had a blog. She received a comment from someone that she didn't know about how the "J" man was the true deal. The woman (the Pagan) simply wrote back to the commenter that although she was sure the "J" man was right for the commenter, it simply wasn't right for her, thank you for commenting..good bye. The commenter then had all her/his religious friends start leaving comments on the blog with religious passages and all. It was horrid. They were literally stalking this woman online, all in the name of their God (who really doesn't have a name..just God...you know...the all inclusive catch all word). It was just wrong, but yet, they felt totally justified in stalking that poor woman because "they were right and she was a sinner". Spare me.

I wonder if our world will ever understand and embrace the idea that all religions literally lead to the same place, they are just different paths and that our differences are what makes this place we inhabit interesting?

Posted by Ariadne @ 09:01

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My blog got hit with a bunch of "j-man" spam for a while too which was when I took "kitchen witch" and "green witch" out of my profile information for blogger. I'm pretty sure they were actively seeking out blogs to spam- you know, instead of doing something worthwhile.. like volunteering at a soup kitchen or building a house with Habitat for Humanity.
My religious/philosophical beliefs shape who I am and what I do on a daily basis... but I don't spout off about it and force it down other people's throats. That crap just makes me mad.

Posted by Blogger Mouse @ 10:58 AM #

I am a member of a very conservative Christian Church. The reality with the Christian Right is that they cannot see another point of view. They feel that with enough faith and persistence they can convert anyone. The reality is that they usually end up giving Christians a bad name.

No one ever convinced anyone of anything by telling them that they are horribly wrong. And as I beleive that God is love he and Jesus should not be used as a club to disturb people.

Each and every being placed on this planet is part of grander scheme. And the scriptures tell us in many places that we as mortals do not get to see the big picture. And it is more than a bit of a sin to speak on God's behalf in the way so many Christian tend to.

I am sorry you have had a bad experince. Unfortunately the more people you get in a group the more loonies there are. And I fear that my Christian Brothers and Sisters are going to be surpsised by the people that get into Heaven that they don't thing should.

Have a good evening and Blessed Be.

Posted by Blogger Zeeppo @ 8:02 PM #
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