Confusion is just not a state of mind

When I first started on the internet, my home was my email address. That was it, my plain old email address. There were no fancy pages, no fancy blogs, just an email address. If you needed me, you emailed me. If I wanted you to know something, I emailed a mailing list.

I was a member of several BBS's, so I could be found there. Those BBS's though, they sent everything to my email address. I had one spot where I did everything possible online.

Then came the WWW (thanks CERN). All of a sudden, you no longer had just an email address, you had to have a page. Your web page was supposed to be all about you and if someone needed something, your page was there. You still had the email address though. Anyone remember Geocities when it was actually cities and neighborhoods? I was there for awhile.

Next to step up was the blog or a weblog as properly notated. Blogs are great things, they allow you an outlet and a voice beyond the scope of your physical peers. They have short cutted the mailing list (although, the mailing list is still quite popular in a business aspect). They enabled your friends and family that were spread far and wide to have a closer bond with you besides just an email.

Blogs have also enabled the world to grow to a smaller place. Nowdays instead of having friends across town, you can have friends across the planet. I can honestly say, that I care about a friend here in PDX just as much as I care for a friend in Sweden or Italy or Germany or Belgium. Naturally, it's not the same, because we can't physically sit down and talk face to face (well, web cams have solved that problem), but we still are privy to those moments that make up a friendship...sharing of thoughts and feelings.

Next up came where to do your blogging? Do you blog from a blog service, or do you host your own blog on your own domain? Do you use a standard look or go out on a limb and design your own thing. This is the reason for my post this morning....the where?

I started with Blogger, it was my first blog. Then I moved to Wordpress on our coven website. Next up was MovableType, again on our own website. (Movable Type has been my fave so far). Due to budget cuts, I moved back to Blogger. Now, Blogger has a beta site that is far better so it's starting to look kinda tasty. If that is not enough, Lani introduced me to Vox. I can't help it, I love Vox. (we won't even mention My Space...of all the ones, I hated that one the most.)

My question is: where do I want to post from? I'm kind of tired of moving. It seems that all I do is move my online presence and never stay in one neighborhood long. At this very moment, I have several blogs, one one blogger, one on blogger beta, one on Vox and my original moveable type one.

I'm very, very confused as to where to finally settle down. I want to establish some roots, I want to stay put. I'm not sure where though.

Blogger swears that they will eventually merge the two sites. Vox on the other hand totally rocks. Do I give up Blogger and move to Vox, or do I just sit tight and let things ride for the moment? Gah, it's too early for such decisions.

Posted by Ariadne @ 08:40

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I say get your own domain and use something like WordPress (free), Moveable Type, Expression Engine or something along those lines. I started out on Blogger and made the switch to WP a long time ago because I like having more control over my site.

Posted by Anonymous Kelly @ 9:48 AM #

My opinion...use your vox and blogger beta blog. You know, you can pull your Vox feed into your beta side bar. That is exactly what I did. I am keeping my vox blog as a secondary place...and just pulling the feed in...So, one major blog, with a feed on the side bar. Get it? Need help let me know...HUGS!

Posted by Blogger Lana @ 1:15 PM #
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