Colder than a Witches (insert option of your choice here!)

Good goddess...when did she turn on the a/c outside? Did she JUST get the memo I sent her back in June? Crikies!

I had to grap a pair of sweats and a sweater this morning, plus run around and close all the downstairs windows. Brrrr...even the dog and cat where hanging out upstairs. Sheesh.

It's warmed up a bit, due to having to use the stove to make tea. I have yet to find my bloody tea kettle! Grrrr! I hate turning the bloody stove on just to make a cup of tea, I prefer my low wattage electric kettle. (Yes, I'm a frugal witch.) Okay, I wasn't bitching that much about the stove this morning, because it pretty much helped take the chill of the entire downstairs. You know, there is something to be said for a smaller abode, after all.

So, I have been reading blogs this morning, having my lovely cup of hot passionflower tea and pondering my toe-up sock.

As you can see, I have made it just barely past the toe part and am on my way to the heel. If this works out, I'll attempt a toe up sock on smaller needles and regular sock yarn. I've alway been intrigued by the toe up method and just had a wild hair last night and started another sock. I'm almost done on the crayon socks..so it was time. Plus, the method was truly calling to me!

I have a few errands to run once everything opens up. I forgot nothing is open this early, after all, it's been awhile since I did mornings. Blech, they still suck.

Posted by Ariadne @ 08:26

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So.. Jealous! I can't WAIT for it to get cooler here so that I don't sweat my butt off in the afternoon while waiting for the bus.
I LOVE my electric kettle- I bought one with my 40% off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond and then bought everyone else one for xmas. At $9.99 each the money I save by not turning on the gas stove 2+ times a day is a big help. Although sometimes it IS nice to stand in front of the warm stove and wait for the kettle to boil.

Posted by Blogger Mouse @ 9:57 AM #
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