Ah, it was so good to be back

I so missed PSU!!!! It was so good to be back today. This week is "student week" meaning that you get all the final stuff done before school starts.

I picked up my Italian textbooks today...to the tune...are you sitting....167.00! Yeah, it was a text book, a workbook and a dictionary. I almost fainted. Textbooks are getting outrageous. They have gone up hugely since I started and that was only in 2003! I shudder to think what they will be like by the time I graduate? Sheesh.

I ran into people that apparently knew me, but I couldn't remember them? Yipes, I just sort of smiled and chatted away. I'm rather good at chatting with someone and having no earthly idea who they are. Amazingly, it always works out. I did also see some people I knew, so that was fun.

I had also forgotten how "suburbia" I have become. I'm getting old. It was nice to see the people that celebrate free expression. I wish I could be like that again. I miss my green and purple hair. If I'm ever going to do it again, this would be the time to do it...before I hit corporate america again. Hmmm, should I? LOL!

I managed to transit the bus system, streetcar system and train system and drove all in one day. All I had to add was a plane and I would have done it all! LOL!

I started a book this morning called "The Patriot's Club", it's by the same author that wrote "Numbered Account". It's rather good, I've been hard pressed to put it down today. I got a minimal amount of knitting done today, just a few rows on the bus ride home.

I have no idea what to do for dinner nor do I care! Ha!

I have got to get my schedule in order for next week. I have to fit the gym in there somehow? Probably before class, that would wake my butt up, that's for sure. Not sure how that will work out either, plus, I have to fit a job in there someplace as well.

Something tells me I'm going to be rather busy the next three months. Oh well, better to be busy and enjoy life than just hang out and let it slide by, right?

And, bloody hell, Blogger just went down for 45 minutes? Why is it always at 4PM(PST)? Why can't it go down at 11PM(PST), why 4PM? Do they hate us on the west coast? Sigh. Good thing I saved this in notepad...I would have been one royally pissed off witch, let me tell you!

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Glad school stuff went well for you today. I think college rips people off with the price of textbooks. It is such a monopoly! :-)

Italian? Wow! I know a little spanish and an even smaller about of welsh (tried to learn that one on my own)...I would be hard pressed to try to learn anything new at this point.

Good luck with school!

Posted by Blogger Ary @ 7:39 PM #
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