Adventures in the suburbs!

Yep, today was very adventurous! The day started with a stop at Starbuck's, where I grabbed a green tea(hot, thank you!). Then it was over to do battle with the DMV. I needed to update my driver's license with the new address. It was actually really easy, proof of address and then will mail me a sticker to put on my license. It didn't even cost me anything! Bonus!

After that, it was on to Old Navy where I scored new pants and some killer long sleeve shirts. Maggie scored a new doggie toy. If you have a destructive doggie, Old Navy's dog toys totally rock. Not only did I score new pants, but they are exactly TWO SIZES SMALLER THAN THE ONES I MOVED TO PORTLAND WITH!!!!!! That's right, TWO SIZES. Okay, I realize that two sizes does not make a model, but hey, after five years of going the larger route, the reversal is oh so sweet!

Next was Borders, where I acquired the Knit Stitch Bible. I have been lusting after that book for a few years now and finally sucumbed to the lure of it. Ah...life is sweet.

I had lunch at the Macaroni Grill, where I had Shrimp Davolia (shrimp/pasta and sauce), it was fabulous. Yummy, yummy. Next was a stop at the MAC Store for a new eyeshadow. Yummy, as well, it was great.

Then I had to run some papers over for T to her dealership. The trip over wasn't bad, but 205 was a total parking lot, believe me. I had to follow 99 into Portland. I found Milwaukie, a suburb of Portland that is extremely crime ridden(according to the news). It's actually quite beautiful over there, I was kind of surprised. Then I had to wind my way through down Portland to find I-5, good goddess! It was a lane change a minute just to get to the highway...sheesh. Then, I had to get off at 99 and follow that home. It was just the very scenic route from point A to point B. It was still faster than going down 205 that was for sure.

I did get the shrug down to, get this, three more rows and then seaming! Yay!!!!! I almost stopped at a yarn store to get some Lamb's Pride yarn to knit the Dark Mark bag, but resisted. Then, I almost ordered some yarn from Knit Pick's to knit the Dark Mark bag, but resisted. I'm so proud, I swear. I'm going to knit my first Dark Mark bag out of acrylic! I have a ton of it and think I would like the bag to be washable so acrylic it will be. I'm going to cast on for it tomorrow it looks like so it will be interesting to see how it goes. (I'm totally ignoring that damned slipper sock till I can get help with the heel part.)

P and I had dinner at Shari's (it's a diner type place). I had a BL Sandwich (bacon, lettuce), it was tasty. The best part of the whole meal...was the surprise to bring home....a coconut cream pie. Oh my!

My grandmother used to make me coconut cream pies. Her specialty was chocolate cream pie, which the family adored. I couldn't have the chocolate because I was allergic to it, so my grandmother used to make me coconut cream instead. Sigh, it's been so long. I'm too lazy to make one myself, so I bought one. I guess I could break down and make one...hehehehe.

So here, I sit, typing away while my dessert sits in the fridge. I think I'll have a piece for breakfast. You can have pie for breaksfast..it has milk in it? Muahahahaha (total justification!)

Now, I'm off to play the Sims2!

Posted by Ariadne @ 21:14

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You were certainly a busy witch. I'm exhausted just reading all that, but it looks like you had fun.

And a Super-Duper Yay for 2 sizes down! Congrats!

Posted by Blogger Manic Witch @ 4:40 AM #

Other than the DMV (which thank the Goddess went smoothly!!) it sounds like a fun trip! I need to hit Old Navy for some skirts to wear with my tights/high socks this winter. Yay for MAC stores! I've never actually been to a Pro store but I hear that there is one in ATlanta somewhere.

Posted by Blogger Mouse @ 5:44 AM #

Sounds like it was a fabulous day!

Posted by Anonymous Kelly @ 9:00 AM #

Sounds like you had fun. I wish I could hit Old Navy for some clothes. Alas, that is not going to happen anytime soon though. Oh well. I am just unfashionable because all of the clothes in my closet are at least 5 years old, or older.

Posted by Blogger Lani @ 9:31 AM #
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