Where did the morning go??

Geez, where did the morning go?  Oh yeah, it was spent trying to dig through crap in my bedroom!  Silly me!  I did manage to find my sewing machine and make a spot for me to sew.  Now, to just find all my "sewing stuff"? Hahaha  I know I have stuff someplace...probably in storage?  Might have to drive over there and dig through it all and see if I can find my fabric bins..they aren't hard to miss..they are big, blue and plastic.

I also unearthed my other laptop.  I have to clean if off and get it hooked up for P to use, if he wants it?  I have to find out, he has his pc so I'm not sure if he wants a laptop or not?

I also managed to create a "storage nook" in my bedroom for some extra boxes that I have no idea what to do with?  It's cleverly disguised behind a curtain! LOL!  I even found a spot for our fan that is not in the main pathway.  Whoo Hoo!  Plus, you can still get into the closets as well.  Always a plus, let me tell you.

I did remember to take out something of the carnivorous nature for dinner.  I think I'm going to make meatballs tonight?  I'll have to call Lani and find out what goes in them?  She always knows everything that has to do with cooking.  Lani is the best resource a cook could have.

I also need to make some phone calls this afternoon.  I haven't chatted with my buddy Salem in a bit and need to get caught up with her as well.  Her computer died so she is "offline" for a bit.

I was going to the gym this morning, but got sidetracked with the bedroom thing.  It's starting to warm up a bit, so any more "box moving" may be put off till it cools down again next week.  I would like to get the dining room in some sort of order so that we could move around better in there.

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