What do you know? I can cook.

Dinner tonight was totally yummy. Pork loin chops done on the grill, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, beans and bisquits. Oh yeah, I did all that! LOL! I even amazed myself, Lani would be so proud of me! Hehehehe

We moved some stuff around today and guess what? I found four boxes of food that had been packed. It's a plus, because I won't have to get a lot of canned goods at the grocery, but where the hell am I going to put it all? Hehehehe

I still haven't found my beloved mixer, but I did find the baker's rack, which I plan to assemble tomorrow. That will clear the microwave off the counter so we will have more counter space and then clear up some room for the toaster over and the coffee pot and some other small stuff. I'm going to have to get some extra shelves just to hold kitchen stuff. I, do admit, I have some serious kitchen stuff. I need to rearrange the shelf unit I have assembled and get it more organized. My kitchen has run over into our dining area.

I kind of like having the dining room full of kitchen stuff....it makes it more homey and "lived in". I've never been one to like a "formal" dining area. I kind of like the "family style" of dining, you know, surrounded by food and stuff.

One of my fave shows Eurekea is on tonight. It's on the scifi channel, which makes me nervous because lately, they have only been running shows for a season or so and then getting rid of them. Sniffle.

I lost Farscape, Firefly, and now Stargate-SG1....I just want to go crawl in a hole and avoid that channel altogether. But I can't, I'm addicted. What gets me, they will cancel Stargate-SG1 but will have a stupid reality show on? Gah.....

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SCIFI is evil. I read a news article earlier where they said that it was in their contract that SG-1 can't be moved to another channel, therefore there won't be an 11th season on US television - period. I thought it was a real slap in our (the fans) faces. I wish we could get a worldwide boycott of the channel going. I figure if enough of them start losing their jobs, maybe they'd think twice about canceling our favorite shows.

Posted by Blogger Jaime @ 11:14 PM #
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