Such a fun day!

We ended up going to the Bite of Oregon with Lani and Les. We had a killer time of it! There was so much food to be eaten. Yes, I actually ate a good selection of things! Gah, when I think about it, I get nauseous, LOL!

We took the city bus down to the park which was the best idea lani has ever had. No worrying about parking and traffic. We parked at their house and just rode down on the bus, it was fabulous.

We heard some great bands:Courtney Jones,The Brian Copeland Band, Sweet Juice and Harmonica Pocket the first three were totally fabulous, the last one, gah...that woman could have put me to sleep. In fact, we left because we just couldn't take the slow beat anymore.

We left about 3;30 or so, it was getting a bit warm and starting to crowd out, so we beat a hasty retreat. I was full, warm and ready for a nap! Hahahahaha

I kind of miss living downtown, though. It was nice to be back downtown and see the sights and such. It sucks having to schlep back to the 'burbs, but hey, you do what you have to do for your babies (meaning Maggie and Ford).

Lani and I knitted most of the day while listening to music. Yes, I drug my knitting with me (like I can leave the house without it????). We enjoyed sitting and running our mouths and knitting. As usual it was good fun.

I think the best part of the day, we actually did "couple stuff". It's been ages since P and I had another "couple" to pal around with. It was very much like old times when we had lots of "couples" for friends. Sigh, I miss those days, I tell you. It's very nice to have L and L here in Pdx. I see alot of family get togethers in the future, hehehehe

I've also decided to learn to crochet better. I know how to do a single crochet and can make stuff like that. I want to refine my crochet technique and make other stuff as well. I got a magazine "Crochet today" and it's gots lots of "beginner" stuff in it. Yeah, that' s me, beginner! Hehehehe

I'm pooped now and I think I'm going to sign off and go to bed. I have some pictures but will have to get them up tomorrow, I'm too tired to mess with them right now.

Posted by Ariadne @ 22:46

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