Peaceful Saturday

I managed to locate one of the digital cameras! I've got the batteries charging right now so I'll be able to use it shortly.

Not sure if I want to broadcast pictures of the house just yet, as it's still a huge mess here, but I'll be able to take pictures at the doggie park now at least.

P and I dropped by L's in order to lend her a monitor till she gets a new one. Naturally, we took Maggie with us. She loves the girls and L and L.

We have been making plans for "football" season. We have NFL ticket and a big tv, so sundays will probably be at our house? When you can watch any football game on a Sunday, why not? I'm sure we can keep the girls occupied, Lani and I have a Michael's within walking distance and a library. In fact, the girls could probably get library cards at my local library? I'll have to check into that and see. That way they could use this one and just do their book returns and checkouts on Sundays?

I've also found out that the "noisey" neighbors are going to put their notice in and will be moving...oh pure joy! Whoo Hoo! Love it, absolutely love it!

At the moment, I've got pork chops on the grill, so I must go check them.

Posted by Ariadne @ 19:13

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