Oh look, it's the ever changing blog.

yes, I was bored once again with my blog. I can't help it, a design lasts about as long as a piece of gum with me. Once the flavor is gone, out it goes!

I actually like this one though...I might stick with it for a week or so? LOL!I think I might give a go a designing one from scratch? I would love to have a 3 column again. I love a 3 column because I have so much junk I like to keep on my blog.

I knitted about two inches on my sock cuff last night while watching tv. I think that is why I dont' knit so fast...I rarely watch television! When I lived in Podunk, all there was to do was watch tv...so I knitted everytime I sat in front of the tv. Here, I rarely sit and just watch tv. I'm always doing something or am on the computer. About the only time I'm just sitting is when I'm on the bus. (At least come the end of September, I'm going to have tons of time for knitting! LOL!)

So far today, I ran by Costco, got petrol for the car, had lunch out (90 degree weather does not lend to actually cooking), and took the dog out.

I finally broke down and picked up a copy of "Marley & Me", by John Grogan. It's about the "world's worst puppy", a yellow labrador. Since I thought I had the world's worst dog, I have been wanting to read this. I finally broke down and got it (hey, it was on sale). I'm looking forward to reading it. I'll probably switch between it and another read that I'm working on "Origins", a physics approach to how the universe and we as a whole came about. It's really rather interesting, I love the whole physics thing about it. On the "trashy romance" side, I just finished "How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire"..which was a total hoot and had me laughing through it. I love those novels because they usually have a happy ending...something the world is sorely lacking in these days.

I have to run a couple of errands and then I think I'm going to settle in with a movie and knit on my sock...it's been so long since I knitted a sock, I have to go dig the pattern out for it? It's on a computer around here someplace, I know it.

Posted by Ariadne @ 13:30

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This design looks nice.

I also enjoy the Millionaire Vampire one. It was funny. I laughed out loud a few times while reading it too.

I am settling in with a movie later too. In Her Shoes premieres on HBO tonight. I read the novel...have to see the movie. LOL!

That's all I have for now. Back to cleaning the house. HUGS!

Posted by Blogger Lani @ 2:04 PM #

I like this look too. There are several sites out there for blogger skins though. I'm sure you could find one with a 3-row look. I love the one I have and have stuck with it longer than any other one I've had. The link to her site is at the bottom of sidebar on mine if you want to meander over to check out her other stuff. Of course, I always have to tweak things and make it my own. :)

Posted by Blogger Manic Witch @ 9:28 PM #
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