The joys of sock knitting....

I had forgotten how much fun knitting a sock can be? It's been awhile since I started a sock and had sort of pushed the sock aside for a bit. I've totally enjoyed knitting it and watching the stripes appear.

Let's not even venture to the almost instant gratification that knitting on a sock brings. You can see instant results and you actually feel like your getting someplace.

I'm knitting the sock in what I think is Mode Dea striped sock yarn? Not sure, It's kind of unmarked and wound into a center pull ball. I know there is a ball that matches it someplace around here (i hope?). If not, it will be a lone sock.

I do have to go find the pattern that I started with, I think I know where it is? The sock was actually started in Idaho and has now taken up residence in Oregon...the instructions are someplace around here, I know?

I would like to get a few extra pairs of sock needles, that way I could have a couple of pair on the needles. I should really look into that knitting two socks at once thing...people who use that method swear by it.

Anyway, that is the "sock". I have a friend who lives in Chicago, named Jodi. We have somewhat drifted apart over the years, but everytime I pick up a set of knitting needles, I think of her. She started the whole knitting thing for me due to a "sock" she was knitting. I, definitely, smile everytime I knit a sock. I dont' think she even realizes how inspiring she was. And it wasn't even that she was able to knit in the heat and humidity of Florida, either!

**Update on the sock yarn: yes, it's Mode Dea, Sassy Stripes in Crayon! I had to walk over to Micheal's to figure out what the heck I was knitting out of! Gah...I swear.

Posted by Ariadne @ 14:27

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yup, it's moda dea sassy stripes in the color "crayon." I know that yarn well. I love it.


Posted by Blogger Lani @ 3:50 PM #
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