It's a Geek thing, I swear!

I have been using Google's "Notebook" feature for a few weeks now and I'm wondering how I managed without it before?

Okay picture this description in your mind: a 17" monitor sitting on a desk with a corkboard behind it. On the corkboard is literally 50+ pieces of paper tacked up, the non screen portion of the monitor is covered in sticky notes and the desk is covered in sticky notes as well.

That is what my desk looked like "pre" google notes..really! I was the post it note queen! The worst part of being post it royalty...is that when you needed the bloody thing it wasn't with you. Gah...

But, now I have my handy dandy google notebook. Located at Google Notebook, it's a web based "sticky note" thingee. If you have gmail, you probably have it!

You simply install it for your browser (I have it for IE, Firefox and Opera). Then, let's say your on an amazon page and you want to remember that bit of information. You right click your mouse and say add to notebook. The notebook window opens, automatically opens a new "note" with the web page address automatically saved and you type in what you want to remember about that particular spot.

I so love it.

I have two notebooks at the moment...one that is just "Ari's notes" and the other is my "project minder". Ari's notes has three chapters at the moment...general, cooking and shopping. If I see a receipe that I like, I store it under cooking. If I see something, like a killer raincoat at LL Bean, I save it under shopping. If it's a thing like a book on sale someplace, I store it in the general section.

The best part is that it's web based...so no matter what computer I am on I can see it. Even if the "notebook" hasn't been downloaded for the browser, you still get to it via your gmail account.

I have managed to get rid of every single sticky note!!!! Everything is on my notebook. And...when I'm away from said computer connection (a rare event that does happen...since I can access it via my cell phone), I can easily print it out for my planner.

Have I said how much I love google lately?

Posted by Ariadne @ 22:25

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Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm going to have to look up this Google notes thingy as my desks (home and work), diary and life are one big blob of post-its. I can see one sticking out of my Mac Powerbook as well. I'm not convinced anything will keep me organised though.
Happy Knitting!

Posted by Blogger Gill @ 9:24 AM #
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