It's been a few days now.....

I've somewhat settled in to the new apartment. By settled, it means that we can actually sit in the living room to watch tv (we have the satellite hooked up), and can actually get to the kitchen.

However, we still have about 50 - 60 boxes to go still. I figure it will be another week or so before I can actually get into the dining room? We stacked everything in there until we can get to it.

Let's see, some observations of the new area:
just within walking distance is a Kmart (discount store), a Wendy's, a Jack-in-the-box, Cold Stone Creamery (ice cream),Fred Meyer (groceries), the library, Quizno's (sandwich place), a locksmsith, Scholotsky's (another sandwich place), a chinese restraunt, a McDonald's, a Texas BBQ place, Staples, Fed Ex, Carl's Jr. Outback Steak House, TJ Max (discount clothes store),and quite a few others.

We are on a bus line that will run straight to my school. I couldn't have planned it better.

the way our apartment complex is set up, the majority of our apartments back up to a grassy commons area. It's great in the evening, all the kids are out playing and adults are out and about.

It's rather breezy here in the evenings, which is very good. We don't have a western exposure (thank the Goddess). There is a doggie park about 3 miles from us so that Maggie has a place to go play with other doggies.

My gym is only about 15 minutes away. Right at the gym is another Carl's Jr., Fuddrucker's, a sports store, a grocery store,a bakery, a quilt store, and assorted other shops.

Behind us is a huge field for Maggie to run in.

I actually like where we live, and will adore it once I get the house in order.

Posted by Ariadne @ 20:57

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