Imagine my surprise???

To find out that today is actually Wednesday? All day, I have been thinking it was Monday? Nuts, where did I put the actual Monday and Tuesday? Sigh, I hate when I misplace days, gah.

Since today is Wednesday, that means I have the command picnic in two days. Sigh...here I thought I had four days. I really need to start looking at a calendar or something.

Dinner tonight was a very yummy grilled chicken breast with a creamy pesto with pasta shells. A treat to the tastebuds while not being detrimental to the posterior. I realize that mentioning the word yummy with the mere thought of something being healthy and not overly fattening is a crime of nature, but I had to go there. Hee hee

I'm really loving the fact that my desk is actually set up and I can use my desktop. I've been getting caught up with the geeksters and have had lots of toys sent my way. I could have played on the laptop, but I try to keep that slimmed down on extra programs.

Took Ms. Maggie out a few times today, so that she could walk around and sniff the weeds. She didn't seem interested in doing much more than that. I think it was too chilly for her out today. At the moment, she is laying on my feet, snoring. I should try to capture that noise on audio, you haven't lived until you have heard a 120lb labrador snore. It can be the highlight of your evening, trust me!

I think I'm going to put the crochet blanket aside and knit on my cardi tonight. I'm thinking I might like to listen to a book or maybe watch a movie? Not sure. I do feel the urge to knit though. I love the crocheting, but I'm missing my knitting needles, sniffle. I think they think I have abandoned them or something?

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