I may need oxygen

Apparently, there was excitement at the doggie park tonight. It was a case of not being pissed off but being pissed on. Muahahahahaha...wait, I have tears in my eyes.

Okay, here's what happened. P takes Maggie to the dog park each evening. It's a nice park with lots of dogs and people. Maggie loves to chase her squeaker ball and has quite alot of room to do so there.

Tonight, P was sitting there (they have lovely benches and picnic tables there) talking to some people when he felt a wetness on his leg. He looked down to find a dog had lifted it's leg and was peeing on him!

Why this happened, I have no idea? Perhaps the dog was "marking" and he figured that P was prime territory? Either way, P is not a happy camper about it! LOL! Naturally, the owner was nowhere to be found.

P is currently in the shower! Me, I may have to break out the asthma inhaler as this is just too damned funny. Sigh, only my husband could go to a doggie park and get pee'd on ! Muahahahahahaha

Posted by Ariadne @ 20:43

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OMG, are you serious? He was peed on? I can hardly control my giggles over it. I am sorry P!

Posted by Blogger Lani @ 11:09 PM #
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