Hmmm, is bigamy legal in Oregon?

If it is, I'm marrying my Dyson! I have the purple one...the one specifically for people with pets. He cost an outrageous amount of money (at least by my standards). I paid a whopping 500.00 for him. That is the most I have ever spent on a vacumn (or a hoover as I refer to every vacumn on the planet). After going through three of them in three years, I was getting desperate. We figured that we had paid that much out over the three years for hoovers (generic term, remember).

I finally broke down, saved up and bought the purple beast. He promptly rode home in the backseat (since I figured his nuts and bolts were made of gold, he was NOT riding in the back of the truck!). Once we arrived at home, the box was opened and all the stuff came out. He is one gorgeous boy, that's for sure. I would love him even if he wasn't purple.

Being that we lived on one level, I never fully appreciated the efforts he will go to assist me in my fight against dust bunnies, dust mites and the never ending appearance of what can only be termed mystery spots. (I swear, they appear out of nowhere...we literally don't wear shoes on the carpeting and they still pop up?).

Today, my beloved and I tackled the carpets, blinds, stairs and furniture. I had forgotten how easily he moves, quite the nimble fellow. Once the upstairs was done, it was down the stairs to the main room (the pit from hell as it is referred to at the moment). He tackled it without a second glance. I even broke out his Zorb!

Zorb is the carpet cleaning product that Dyson sells to go with my beloved. Good Goddess...does that stuff work! Zowie for Zorb! Not only does it work well, it has the nicest of smells...a very good thing in a house with both a dog and a cat! You sprinkle it down, run the "groomer" over it...which basically scrubs it into your carpeting, wait 30 minutes and hoover it up. Man, I'm in love.

After flitting about with the beloved and his Zorb...it was to the stairs. Now, you have to fully understand, I HATE STAIRS! The only reason I have them is that this was one of the few places I could afford that would take Ms. Maggie. I had no choice, although a tent in the park was starting to look rather inviting. So, stairs, we have (two sets actually!).

The beloved has a telescoping handle...that...get this....REACHES TO THE VERY TOP OF THE STAIRS!..Yep, he has a far reach and hoovers just as if he were on ground level. I popped on the handy dandy "stairs" thingee and in five minutes, we were done.

Ten minutes later, he had tackled the downstairs blinds and the furniture. All without so much as a quiver, a blink or a protest.

After a mere 30 minutes (okay it was more like 37 minutes), I had hoovered the entire house, blinds, carpets, stairs and furniture and had not even really broken a sweat (and that is in 90 degree weather).

You know, if I ever have the opportunity to meet James Dyson (my beloved's father), I swear I will break down in tears and kiss that man's feet!

Oh...and the best part about the beloved.....he doesn't set off my allergies. Yep, my boy is hypo-allergenic. He doesn't have bags, you push a button and the lint/trash/whatever falls out the bottom into the trash bin.

Now, if only the husband would work as well? Muahahahahahaha

Posted by Ariadne @ 18:48

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The only appliances I have that kind of affection for, I usually try to avoid blogging about. ;)

Posted by Blogger Manic Witch @ 9:24 PM #
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