Could it not be a bit easier?

You would think a store that sells a certain size laptop would actually stock a backpack that would fit it? Sheesh! I finally found one that will hold my new baby!

Not only will it hold my new baby, but also the textbooks that will be needed for the classes that day. Whew, what a relief. Last term, I had to schelp a shit load of books everyday. My mathbooks usually run about 5 to 8 lbs each, plus a laptop, and "stuff".

It's amazing how much "stuff" you need for school. My current list is:

  • laptop

  • power cable

  • textbooks(2 on one day, 1 on the other)

  • notebooks(2 on one day, 1 on the other)

  • pen(2)

  • pencil

  • pencil lead refills

  • eraser

  • highlighters(4)

  • sticky notes

  • calculator

  • stapler

  • sharpie marker

  • wallet

  • keys

  • cell phone

  • ipod/ear buds

  • lunch

  • planner

  • umbrella

  • knitting project (probably a sock most times!)

  • trust me, after schelping around four or five blocks uphill, that pack will start to weigh about 50 lbs! Gah! It's exactly three blocks uphill and then a left turn and up four block uphill to my first class from the bus stop. I keep thinking it's just exercise and it will do me good! Hehehehe

    With the acquisition of the backpack, all I need is the Italian book and I will have everything I need for the beginning of school. Yay! Next term I'm going to get slammed with a huge book list, I just know it. Sigh..oh well, I keep thinking of the paycheck the degree will bring and how much I missed school over the summer.

    Posted by Ariadne @ 15:03

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