What a lovely day....

except that I forgot to turn off my alarm on my phone and it went off at 6:30am! Yipes We do need to fix that, that's for sure.

It's cool and cloudy today...a plus if you ask me. It got so cool last night that I had to actually grab a blanket!!! Yes, a BLANKET! We went from stifling at night to needing blankets. I can only hope it stays like this...P hates the heat and if it gets in the high 90's, well, he gets a tad bit pissy.

Today, is put the laundry away and get some boxes packed. I need to get the books and school stuff packed up and then work on my closet. If I can get those two things knocked out today, I'll almost be packed up.

I met with my trainer last night for the first time officially. The good news is that I've already dropped .5 lbs and nothing hurts this AM. LOL. I'm truly enjoying the gym (for the first time in my life) and haven't freaked out over the nutrition thing yet.

I'm basically learning to eat all over again. When I lived in Europe, I ate much better. I have to admit, America has horrid eating habits! The over abundance of fried foods and oversized portions are out of control. Plus, the fact, that most Americans are so pushed for time that they do "convienence foods" which are fast and easy. Or, they exist on the or just above/below the poverty line and can only afford the carbohydrate-laden foods.

To give an example, I could go to the grocery store and buy 7lbs of ground meat and 7 boxes of "hamburger helper", a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter for about 40.00. That would feed two people for a week, basically.

T and I went to the grocers and bought fruit, some healthy snack bars, a box of cereal, some 95% fat free ham, some cheese, a gallon of milk - that alone was 80.00!!!

Let's face it, it's literally come to the point that most Americans can not afford to eat healthy! I'm thinking of locating a butcher and seeing if they offer a "package" and just shopping there instead of the market.

Oh well, I refuse to be fat beause I'm poor...it's just not going to happen.

Posted by Ariadne @ 08:08

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It is ridiculously expensive to eat healthy in this country. With all the 99 cent fast food menus nowadays...forget it.

But I do try to make an effort to eat healthier too. I am glad your system is working. HUGS!

Posted by Blogger Lani @ 3:03 PM #
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