We have an escape cat!

Apparently, Ford has the ability to escape his cat carrier? P had him in his carrier while the packers were there. Somehow, he was able to get out of a locked cat carrier? Now, when P travels over here, he is going to duct tape the damned thing shut! Hehehe Me, I'm curious how he did it, the little bastard.

Today was a day away from home most of it. I attempted to get my address changed on my driver's license, but gave up on that, the line was too long. I'll go tomorrow. I stopped and got proof of address so I could get it changed. Then had lunch at Fuddrucker's and strolled through Bridgeport Mall. Also hit the gym, the post office to officially change addresses, stopped at the bank and wen to Walgreen's.

It's been quite a day. Tonight, I'm going to pack out the kitchen and then go through my papers and toss out as much as I can.

Posted by Ariadne @ 17:22

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Oh, I got you beat, toots. Guess who has learned to open my screen door. (Pixie, for one) but the lovely family of raccoons that come to my back patio. Oh yes, twice they have opened the door. One of thse days they will come in and help themselves. You think?

Posted by Blogger Lani @ 6:40 PM #
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