To knit or not to knit

I'm in the mood for a project, only it's too hot to start any winter knitting and too boring to keep up the summer knits. Sigh...

I got the new knitpicks catalog in the mail today and naturally, I'm lusting after all the cool yarns they have and I want every yarn in every color! I so need a warehouse, I swear.

I have a sweater to start knitting after I finish my scarf and the tank top that got tumbled into a box and I just found it. Yeah, it's actually still on the needles, I just have to find the pattern to finish it. I think I was just actually finishing up the straps and needed to add the side seams and it will be finished! Kind of neat...finished just in time for fall! Yeah, that would be me! Muahahahaha...can't believe I forgot all about it? Dumb me-under this red dye lurks the heart of a true blonde, I swear.

In exactly 12 days I will have my baby back! My beloved dumb blonde of a labrador will be moving here with me, along with one very pissy cat. Gah. Can't wait to see that one...hehehehehe Ford will not be a happy camper, I can tell you that already. He gets nervous if I move the furniture around too much! So, this should be interesting. I think as long as he has his green recliner he might be okay, or at least I'm hoping so.

I have to go to the gym tomorrow, it's workout day, although I have to make a chiropractor appt in the next few days. I must get back in and get my back looked at.

As for now, I'm popped, all that ocean and sun today has tired me out. Night!

Posted by Ariadne @ 21:34

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