Thank the goddess it's cooler

PDX is covered with a huge cloud layer right now and it's keeping the sun from heating thing ups to unbearable. My apartment is actually comfortable right now, whew.

I went to the gym this morning and met with Carolyn (the trainer) and next Tuesday we are going to get my "routine" set up. While there, I hit the treadmill and was quite proud of myself, I did the entire 30 minutes workout with the machine controlling the incline and I never was once out of breath! I'm so proud of myself...no gasping for air, no wheezing, just a nice plain workout. I did perspire alot, but hey, I could breath, so that is a plus, at least for me.

If it stays cool like this, I might pack up a few boxes and get this move started up. It's creeping up on us fast.

It's going to be hectic for a few weeks once everything gets here, because we will be unpacking and putting away and jettisoning. I still have to find a storage room for the overflow till we can pare it down. I pretty much have an idea where all the furniture is going, so that is a plus.The best part of our new apartment..is there is no western exposure!!! Which will suck this winter when it's freezing in our house, but hey, I can live with that because it means no huge exposure in the summer months.

Posted by Ariadne @ 13:39

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