So much to do today.....

Let's see today's to-do list:
  • call the chiropractor and get a recommendation for one here in Portland
  • pack a few boxes
  • call directv
  • call comcast cable
  • call cableone cable
  • call PGE
  • call Idaho Power
  • call Intermountain Gas
  • call the newspaper
  • call the water company
  • call PSU
  • give notice at work (yeah, I've decided to quit and go back to school fulltime and just work part time. I really want that degree.)
  • go visit my favorite treadmill/hot tub/pool/sauna and steam room
  • clean out the car
  • pick Tina up from work

  • yeah I think that about covers it pretty well?

    I also want to finish the tank top that I started months ago. It would be nice to be able to wear it before winter sets in? Once I finish that I can start on my green tshirt that I wanted to knit up.

    On the good news side of the day, I actually was able to get into a pair of Nike Pants that I had but was unable to get into! Whoo hoo! Now if only my upper would follow suit! Hehehehehe

    Posted by Ariadne @ 07:24

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    I am glad you came to a decision. It makes things easier for you. YAY for more knitting time too. HUGS!

    Posted by Blogger Lani @ 8:40 AM #
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