My apartment echos

It's rather sad, there is an echo in here. Sniffle. Once again, all my worldly possessions are sitting in boxes. I figured it out and this is my 40th move of my life! Good Goddess, now wonder it's hard for me to settle down.

I'm 39, so that is lirerally one move for each year of my life plus one. And people wonder why I get itchy if I'm in one place too long, can't help it, apparently it's genetic.

P is supposed to get here today? We were kind of hoping he would travel today that way we could use the truck to get some of the boxes into the new place. Only problem, I packed the cameras! All I have is my cell phone so that will have to suffice till I find the cameras.

The next week is going to be horrible as I will have to unpack and try to find places for everything. I have a feeling alot of it will have to go, as we will just not have the room.

Since there is nothing left to pack nor to clean, I guess I'll just sort of hang out and knit and watch tv?

Posted by Ariadne @ 07:37

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