I need a new brain!

I took the plunge today and hit the Franklin Store today. I got a new planner which I totally planned to spend the evening with organizing my life. Only problem...I bought the wrong filler pages! Yeah, that was a great moment. I know how to schelp back downtown to get it exchanged. Luckily they are open until 9:00pm. Gah...I can't believe I did that...it just goes to show everyone, I really need a planner!

I also scored two pairs of Nike workout pants and a pair of Nike shorts. Hey, it's not workout gear without the swoosh! hahaha...gotta have the swoosh.

I've managed to put over 1,000 calories into my person today! Yippee! The new trainer has me eating between 1700 and 2500 calories for the next few weeks so that my body gets used to food being put into it. Then, once that happens, it will start burning calories and I can get on track to loose the extra person I carry around with me.

I have to figure out what to do for dinner tonight, though. Hmmm, pickings are quite slim in our house as far as "healthy" goes. I'm sure I can make do, I have some nutrious things hanging out amoungst all the crap.

I started packing today as well, our kitchen looks a bit sparse and it now echos...sigh. Next day off, I'm packing up the closet or at least the winter stuff or "extra" clothes that I don't wear that frequently? After that I'm going to box up books and go through all the previous semesters stuff and get that packed as well. I'm going to leave all the equipment till the very end.

I have a million phone calls to make in order to get everything switched around. Remember, I'm moving two households each with it's own set of "utilities" and it's a pain in the ass. At the moment, I'm waiting for Direct TV to pick up the f*((**ing phone, I've been on hold for 13 minutes now and I've heard the "this line will be picked up in 10 minutes" twice now. My patience is slowly but surely grinding down to non existence.

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