How to kill a morning..

Stay on the phone with all the various utilites, cable companies, and whomever. I have had to actually plug my phone in because the phone was dying.

So far, the electric is being switched over on the 1st. The satellite and the cable are being installed on the 3rd and I will be unpacking for the entire month of August! LOL Luckily, water/sewer/garbage are taken care of by the apartment.

Even better, the laundry is almost under our apartment, so it won't be that bad a trek to do the wash, about the same distance as it is now. I just won't have an handy dandy change machine downstairs to get quarters at, nuts. Oh well, the bank is a very short walk from my front door. I can always take Maggie for a walk and go get laundry money.

I've also managed to pack out the groceries, so the kitchen is starting to look very, very empty.

P is going to be here by 5am on the 1st, which means he gets to drive all night, but we need him at the new place in order to get the delivery because the moving truck will be here that early in the am. I also have to drive out and give him the keys so that he can get in the place. Then I drive back downtown and go collect the moving van for T and I and then we have to pack out our apartment. Hopefully, that wil go smoothly and quickly. Sheesh...moving two households and trying to coordinate everything is horrible. I feel like I'm moving troops between countries!

Posted by Ariadne @ 12:57

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